State-of-the-Art Imaging Video Technology that Powers Clinical Collaboration

VidRay is a technology that supports clinical integration and communication between radiology and other departments. VidRay uses multimedia to preserve the radiologist’s computer screen movements and dictation during an interpretation so that it can be shared with other clinicians and patients.

“VidRay is short for ‘video radiology.’ With one click, VidRay records the radiologist’s voice along with the onscreen image real-time, including movements of the pointer and scrolling, images, websites and more … making a little movie of the radiologist’s explanation. VidRays are as easy to create as they are to watch and a tremendous boost to efficiency and patient care. Some VidRays are as short as 7 seconds. They get right to the point.”

Chief Executive Officer
EmCare Radiology Services


Some of the many valuable uses for VidRay technology include:

  • Record a VidRay (wmv file) of critical findings automatically attached to the report in the RIS
  • Referring physicians pick up the consult on their time
  • Recorded consult for future comparison
  • Recorded consult for teaching files – great for academic institutions
  • Improved patient communication
  • Preserve workflow for the radiologist

Efficiency in radiology is critical to quality patient care throughout the hospital. EmCare Radiology Services offers full-service solutions, or it can provide staffing that supports your current practice. Through our teleradiology partner, Rays, we can provide teleradiology support with preliminary or final reads.

Rays utilizes Board-certified, U.S.–based radiologists including fellowship-trained subspecialists in musculoskeletal, pediatric and neurological radiology, plus eight other subspecialties. Final interpretations can be provided 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. EmCare offers powerful software, flexible services and outstanding support for a successful radiology practice.

To learn more about EmCare Radiology Services and our VidRay technology, call 877.416.8079.


EmTV 6 - VidRay Video

VidRays are brief video clips of radiologists’ interpretations which are used to conveniently communicate key information and training to other physicians and patients. VidRays can help to achieve improved diagnostic accuracy as well as both physician and patient satisfaction. Real Time. Real Efficient. Learn more …