EmCare’s Studer Group Partnership, Improving the Patient Experience

Creating a viable and ongoing culture of service is one of the key components of every successful hospital-based physician practice. That’s why EmCare was the first national physician practice management company to partner with Studer Group®, a Huron Healthcare solution. Studer Group is a premier professional services organization that emphasizes how putting quality care first – always – can improve patient outcomes, metrics, and hospital performance.

With EmCare, a highly qualified physician staff – trained in Studer Group principles – with access to tools and resources – works with your organization to improve quality and the patient experience. Using evidence based techniques like Studer Group’s AIDET®, Rounding for Outcomes and Post-Visit Follow-Up Calls – physicians and nurses are able to improve communication in a way that can transform the patient’s perception of care. In addition, EmCare provides stability, strategic advantages and support from its national resources including clinical leadership and nurse leader training by the EmCare Divisional Directors of Clinical Services.

EmCare offers solutions for today’s health care environment that help your hospital improve patient care, efficiency and financial performance. The company ensures quality through exceptional recruitment, medical leadership, training and operational expertise from managing hundreds of local hospital practices nationwide. For a detailed analysis of how EmCare can help your hospital improve quality, communication and the patient experience, please call 877.416.8079.

Founded on Quint Studer’s book Hardwiring Excellence, Studer Group’s method for creating better customer satisfaction has a track record of proven results within some of the highest performing healthcare organizations. Through leadership development and accountability systems, including the Must Haves® and standardization of measuring/achieving results, hospitals become better places for patients to receive care, employees to work and physicians to practice medicine.

Partner Resources

  • Tools, techniques and training around areas such as Employee Engagement, highmiddlelow® performers, HCAHPS, Leader Development, Leader Evaluation, Monthly Meeting Model, Must Haves®, Post Visit Phone Calls, Key Words / AIDET®, Rounding for Outcomes, Selection and Retention, Thank You Notes, Bedside Shift Report and Hourly Rounding®
  • Personalized partner web page and login for resources
  • Access to the “partner only” National Learning Lab with presentations and video vignettes for easy and effective training
  • Free webinars
  • Discounts on books, materials and attendance at Studer Conferences that include dedicated tracks such as Evidence-Based LeadershipSM, Emergency Department Excellence, CAHPS Quality of Care, and Physician Partnership, in addition to the annual What’s Right in Health Care® best practices conference.

The mission of Making Healthcare Work Better™ for patients, physicians and employees resonates so clearly in the health care industry today… because putting patient care first – always – is the foundation to achieving success on other levels. Those hospitals that are successful in the days ahead will implement strategies designed to address quality, efficiency, service and satisfaction.

Studer Group’s partnership with EmCare is based on a shared goal to achieve the very best in patient care in hospitals across the country. From the patient’s first impression of care in the emergency department through inpatient services, clinicians and leaders who are dedicated to improving quality, performance and the patient experience make a valuable difference in health care.

From the patient’s perspective, the hospital system must perform efficiently as one unit, and every person in every department must be committed to providing high quality patient care. Having effective interdepartmental collaboration will be crucial to achieving success in core measures and HCAHPS - and to creating an outstanding customer experience.

A shared goal to achieve the very best in patient care, effective and efficient interdepartmental collaboration, and improved clinical and patient care outcomes – these truly define making healthcare work better for patients, physicians and employees.

Quint Studer, Founder of Studer Group

About Studer Group

Studer Group specializes in intensive, healthcare related coaching, training and research from experts who take organizations from good to great as measured by reputation, survey organizations, HCAHPS and financial performance. The EmCare - Studer Group relationship helps create the satisfaction results EmCare hospital partners want and the service excellence patients deserve.