Acute Care Surgical Services


Gaining Trauma Designation Doesn’t Have To Be Traumatic

The EmCare Surgical Services acute care surgery service line provides hospitals with hospital-based general surgeons who have expertise in trauma as well as acute care general surgery. The company also offers trauma program development and management expertise. The company's approach to acute care and general surgery practice eliminates the challenges and conflicts hospitals have when working with surgeons who manage a traditional private practice.

Our solutions revolve around helping hospitals achieve trauma designations and cover unassigned patients requiring surgery. Gaining trauma designation can unlock access to federal and state funding for hospitals that were ineligible to receive those funds prior to attaining a trauma designation.

Hospitals offering acute care surgery services service benefit in many ways, including improved bottom lines.

Benefits include:

  • Stabilized hospital medical staff
  • General surgery and trauma call coverage
  • Leadership, planning and support in helping hospitals achieve trauma designations and receive the incremental funding that follows
  • Retention of surgical cases that might otherwise leave the hospital
  • Recruiting advantages with surgical subspecialists

Adding EmCare acute care surgery services to a hospital’s offerings solidifies surgical services at the hospital, strengthens the hospital’s reputation within the community, enhances physician recruiting efforts and keeps surgical cases from migrating away from the facility.