EmCare Radiology Services: On-Site Radiology and Teleradiology – Managed

EmCare Radiology Services is a leading provider of high-quality, cost-effective radiology solutions to hospitals, imaging centers and radiology group practices nationwide. EmCare delivers high-quality on-site and teleradiology services through proven solutions that can help — clinically, operationally and financially.

EmCare’s unique partnership with Rays®, a leader in professional and technical teleradiology services, gives our clients access to a flexible, comprehensive and customizable array of services and technology services, including:

  • On-site radiologists, daily or as needed – EmCare staffs radiology departments with existing on-site radiologists and EmCare-affiliated radiologists during needed hours of operation. Rays teleradiologists provide after-hours, weekend, vacation, subspecialty and surge coverage with 24/7 final interpretations delivered within targeted turnaround times. EmCare and Rays provide radiologists for hands-on, inspiring leadership of the radiology groups through a combination of on-site and off-site management.
  • RadShare® – Smaller nearby facilities can share an on-site radiologist and enjoy all the technical, medical and managerial services of EmCare and Rays.
  • Teleradiology – Any organization needing full or supplemental subspecialty radiology coverage will benefit from the convenience, quality and accuracy of teleradiology interpretations provided by Rays.
  • Radiology Technology Solutions – EmCare and Rays offer a suite of radiology technology products that facilitate increased productivity and enhanced patient care. The radiology information system and picture archiving communication system (RIS / PACS) utilized — called RaysTracker™ — was designed as an open architecture platform, allowing any system to connect. The RaysTracker is a Web-based system that provides real-time access to patient images, reports, a unified work list, quality assurance (QA), metrics and more. The RaysTracker can be the entire RIS / PACS for a facility or a shell for its existing system.

EmCare is known for accuracy, efficiency, cost-effectiveness and customer service. Other benefits can include improved:

  • Imaging study turnaround times
  • 24/7 final read flexibility
  • Leadership
  • Quality of care and clinical outcomes
  • Patient throughput
  • Hospital communication and alignment
  • Patient and physician satisfaction
  • Workflow efficiencies
  • Cost management
  • Report quality
  • Flexibility to meet scheduling needs
  • Productivity

EmCare Radiology Services

Dr. Greg Rose, EmCare Radiology Services' CEO, explains how we work with clients to truly understand their need and then focus our efforts on reaching shared goals for accuracy, efficiency, cost-effectiveness and service.