Physician Leadership, Development & Clinical Training


EmCare has the honor of working with some of the best clinical leaders in the nation. Many of these physicians serve in leadership roles for national organizations, as well as state and local committees and communities. The company is physician-led at every level. We continue to attract the most talented and innovative leaders in healthcare based on our commitment to Making Healthcare Work Better.

Our physicians’ desire to share their experiences and best practices creates outstanding educational and professional development opportunities for other clinicians. From our national conference to our leadership institutes to onsite mentoring and support, EmCare offers physicians the ability to expand their skills and understanding of high-performing practice management. We also offer a Lecture Series conducted by accomplished speakers who are recognized as leaders in the industry.

Clinical Education and Leadership Training

EmCare invests millions each year in clinical education and management training for physician executives and leaders, including our annual leadership training for medical directors. In addition, clinicians have access to mentoring opportunities, leadership labs and onsite training throughout the year.

Administrative Fellowship Program

Our administrative fellowship offers physicians an opportunity to learn what it takes to be a great leader through hands-on experience and mentorship. The program exposes physicians to department management, customer satisfaction, EMS operations and more.

EmCare's Lecture Series

EmCare is proud to offer lectures featuring recognized leaders in the industry. Topics include how to address the changing culture facing physicians, scenarios for patient encounters in the clinical practice and other discussions from the resident’s perspective.

Physician Leaders Throughout the Organization

Meet EmCare’s leaders. EmCare-affiliated physicians at all levels are entrusted with working to innovate and improve services in order to increase our value to patients, physicians and hospitals.

A message from EmCare’s President, Ray Iannaccone, MD, FACEP, FACHE:

As physicians, we share a purpose: optimal care for our patients. We also share a desire to be masters of the art and science of medicine. There are many things that are needed to achieve this vision.

EmCare-affiliated physicians are given the opportunity to constantly increase their knowledge, hone their skills and keep up with developments in their fields. We focus on finding ways to remove the ever-increasing burden of non-clinical work from our clinicians which crowds out attention to medical decision making, creates burnout, lowers quality and efficiency and reduces engagement. We are also committed to developing techniques to help clinicians learn how to work in new environments and on new teams.

Good medical leadership is vital to help navigate a challenging clinical environment. Understanding that environment, the processes, and the people is necessary, yet not sufficient. There is an increasing need for our leaders to also be trained in areas of organizational functioning including management, finance, data-driven decision making, quality improvement, staff engagement and more.

Converting all these great principles into reality takes a lot of work and a robust program of professional development for clinical, support, management and leadership knowledge and skill. Our commitment to leadership development keeps EmCare at the forefront of making healthcare work better.

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