Medical Practice Management, Rural & Custom Services


Support for Rural, Remote and Low-Volume Facilities

Rural, remote, specialty and lower-volume hospitals, including Critical Access Hospitals, face unique challenges. The requirements for these facilities are largely the same as those of large metropolitan health systems: recruiting, quality, safety, service, metrics, capital investments, etc. However, with the lower volumes, the resources to meet those requirements can be hard to come by. That’s why EmCare has a Division that is devoted to understanding and serving the needs of these facilities. EmCare is a pioneer in the delivery of efficient and cost-effective services specially designed for community hospitals. One of our distinctions in the industry is our dedication to providing customized resources and solutions to help community hospitals thrive.

EmCare provides recruiting, operational support and practice management services in emergency medicine, hospital medicine, acute care surgery, anesthesiology and radiology. With EmCare, physicians can focus on patient care while knowledgeable operations teams support the administrative side of the practice. By leveraging our exceptional resources, rural and low-volume healthcare facilities can find outstanding value in outsourcing their hospital-based physician practices to EmCare.

A Partnership in Achieving Your Goals for Patient Care

When you partner with EmCare, you have a dedicated point of contact who ensures the physician practice is running smoothly. These highly-qualified, generally master’s level professionals, are always available to answer questions and manage the day-to-day operations.

Our teams focus on strengthening the hospital by leveraging EmCare’s national recruiting strength and other resources. EmCare provides clinical leadership both on-site and through area support. The company also offers valuable training for physicians and nurse leaders ranging from compliance issues to techniques that improve clinical communication, the patient experience and outcomes. Further, EmCare offers leadership development opportunities for physicians and supports active participation in medical staff committees and effective communication with administration.

EmCare’s hospital partners benefit from world-class tools and training for improving patient satisfaction including the techniques developed by our national partner, Studer Group®. Tools such as AIDET®, Rounding and Post-Visit Calls are making a significant difference in improving communication and patient satisfaction scores. We use Qualitick™ real-time survey tools to provide clinicians and leaders with immediate feedback from patients and families which offers immediate recovery opportunity and expedites improvement.

For metric improvement, EmCare Directors of Clinical Services can facilitate operational assessments, lean events, “teach back” programs and tabletop simulations to help identify issues and improve processes. These highly-qualified nurse leaders also provide consultation and training on EMTALA, documentation, risk mitigation and more.

One of the major benefits of working with EmCare is access to the best practices of more than 1,000 physician group practices nationwide. Of these, about 170 serve low-volume hospitals including over 60 Critical Access Hospitals. The knowledge base available to EmCare clients of all sizes helps leaders, hospitals and physicians make intelligent choices based on experience and data.

EmCare places tremendous value on its partnerships. We collaborate with the medical staff, nursing and administration to reduce wait times and improve throughput, reduce variability and provide reliable and consistent outcomes. EmCare has the strength and the flexibility to help your hospital achieve its goals for metrics and patient care.

Pioneering the Delivery of Care™

Here are a few solutions designed to meet your needs:

CompleteCare – With combined emergency and hospital medicine services, one physician provides care in the E.D. as well as the inpatient unit, thus saving the hospital money while providing more services to patients. EmCare’s services are scalable to meet your needs as patient volumes change.

Acute Care Surgery – On-call and shared trauma and general surgical services teams may be available to help stabilize the surgical practice for lower-volume facilities. Keeping surgeries from migrating to larger hospitals miles away benefits patients and families, primary care physicians and the hospital. EmCare Acute Care Surgery can help hospitals establish and access emergency surgical services.

Why Work With Us

If you are looking for a partner with a history of long-term stability and success, consider EmCare. For both recruiting and operations, our experienced team can help you meet today’s demands for physician services. We work with you to develop strategies and implement processes to help you achieve your patient care goals both now and for the future. Put EmCare’s resources to work for you. Call 877.416.8079.