Make Insourcing Better with Support for Your Physicians

Hospital-employed physicians often face challenges in improving throughput, HCAHPS scores and other metrics. Inefficiencies in process and miscommunication, especially between emergency and hospital medicine physicians, may be causing excessive emergency department (ED) boarding and wait times. If improving metrics and efficiencies are a priority for your hospital and its employed physician practices, EmCare’s management services agreement (MSA) offers a solution that supports your physicians in achieving success.

Resources for Your Emergency Medicine Physicians

With emergency medicine in the midst of unprecedented change including its new role in population health serving as a bridge to appropriate services and considerations for ED CAHPS having access to resources, expertise and support can be a welcome relief for your emergency department’s hospital employed physicians or your local physician group practice.

EmCare can provide your physicians with an extensive array of services covering every aspect of emergency medicine practice management. Through the MSA, we offer support for clinical quality initiatives, incentive management including data collection, compensation modeling and dashboard reporting and other areas of focus including throughput, satisfaction, care management, communication and quality. We also offer extensive training, mentoring and leadership development programs.

Resources for Your Hospitalists

As hospital medicine emerges as a crucial director of value-based purchasing related metrics, EmCare® Hospital Medicine is pioneering innovations that positively impact the quality of inpatient care, efficiency, the patient experience and the hospital’s bottom line.

Local hospitalist groups may struggle to achieve needed improvements in HCAHPS, patient flow and other metrics. Perhaps you want to provide your physicians with extensive training, leadership development programs and other resources. With an EmCare MSA, the hospitalists you employ or your local physician practice can capitalize on the progress in value-based performance that EmCare is making every day.

EmCare Management Services Options

EmCare’s innovative management services can be tailored to your hospital’s needs and may include the complete list of services or a select combination of services that support your goals.

  • Medical director training and leadership development programs
  • Patient experience and customer satisfaction solutions, training, surveys and measurement
  • Training and education; annual evaluation
  • Nurse leadership expertise and support including operational assessments, lean facilitation and process improvement
  • Physician, physician assistant and nurse practitioner recruiting
  • Scheduling, credentialing, billing and coding, management reporting
  • Chart review, coding and documentation training and Electronic Health Records (EHR)
  • Alignment and integration, performance metrics and tools for improvement

Learn more about the benefits of working in partnership to support your physicians. Read A Business Case for Outsourcing.

Get Access to EmCare’s State-of-the-Art Proprietary Technologies

An MSA allows your physicians access to EmCare’s proprietary technologies including:


DASH — Builds Loyalty and May Reduce Splitting Referrals among Multiple Hospitals

Increase referrals and make direct patient admissions easy for your community physicians with EmCare’s proprietary Direct Admit System for Hospitals™ (DASH). Community physicians can make a direct admission in minutes with DASH, bypassing the E.D. and reducing overcrowding. Clients have experienced a 29 percent increase in referrals on average.1


RAP&GO — Automates the Throughput Process

Improve throughput with our patent-pending Rapid Admission Process and Gap Orders™ (RAP&GO™) software which helps emergency medicine physicians communicate the information needed by hospitalists to make the decision to admit and automates the process. Results include cutting boarding times by 77 minutes on average.1, 2


Rounding Charge Capture — Supports Early Morning Discharges

EmCare’s rounding and charge capture system provides hospitalists with an effective tool for managing early morning discharges which frees up inpatient beds for more admissions from the E.D. This tool has helped improve the rate of early morning discharges from 23 percent to 72 percent in as little as 30 days. Timely discharges help free up inpatient beds for new admissions.1

Other Benefits of our Management Services Agreement

Because EmCare has the experience and best-practices developed in managing emergency medicine and hospital medicine practices nationwide, we can help your employed physicians to achieve better results. Recruiting strength, regional clinical leadership and oversight, leadership development for the local medical director and management reporting are a just few of the many benefits available with the MSA while the physicians remain employed with your hospital.

  • Patient experience and customer satisfaction solutions, training, surveys and measurement
  • Nurse leadership support, operational assessments, lean facilitation and process improvement
  • Performance metrics, calculation and improvement tools

An EmCare MSA can make healthcare work better for your hospital-employed physicians.

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1 DISCLAIMER: The results represent metric improvements EmCare, or its affiliates, have achieved in the past, aggregate data, or data from pilot programs. EmCare does not make any guarantees relative to the potential results for your organization.
2 This data represents the change from pre-implementation to current data for hospitals which have implemented EmCare’s Door-To-Discharge with RAP&GO, a service which includes both emergency medicine and hospital medicine.