Integrated Services


When EmCare’s physician leaders made the decision to expand the company’s physician staffing and practice management services from emergency medicine into related hospital-based specialties — hospital medicine, surgery, anesthesiology and radiology — they did so with one goal in mind: improving quality and value by integrating services in a way that makes healthcare work better. As a result, EmCare was the first company to offer one of the most revolutionary combinations of clinical services of this decade — EmCare’s Door-To-Discharge — with emergency medicine and hospital medicine physicians on the same team, aligned, accountable and supported with integrated technology.

How does integrating services help?

Integrating services provides seamless coordination between multiple departments, groups or systems, fosters resourceful approaches and improves collaboration and confidence. Advances in innovative integration and complementary services include:

  • Emergency medicine and anesthesiology - With a goal of improving patient safety and HCAHPS scores, our groups are integrating anesthesia and emergency medicine know-how, cross-training emergency physicians to perform the process of administering a new nerve block technique for pain management in the Emergency Department.
  • Anesthesiology and hospital medicine - EmCare Anesthesia Services’ Pre-Anesthesia Testing (PAT) clinics are leveraging hospital medicine services to successfully reduce same-day surgery cancellations and delays.
  • Surgical services - EmCare Surgical Services is helping hospitals access acute care and general surgeons, develop trauma centers and build orthopedic and elective surgery practices which attract patients to other hospital departments such as inpatient services.
  • Expanding emergency and hospital medicine - EmCare continues to amplify its capabilities in pediatric emergency medicine, pediatric hospitalists and ob-gyn hospitalists, providing better access to these specialists.

Our services continue to evolve and expand to support hospitals in improving quality and value.

Technologies that power clinical integration

Expansion of our proprietary integrated clinical technologies support improvement in processes, integration, alignment, communication and overall efficiency.

EmCare’s physician leadership and nurse consultants are helping EmCare client hospitals achieve success by implementing best practices in clinical integration that are resulting in unprecedented improvements. Through shared experience, expertise, leadership, support, resources and value, EmCare integrated services can support:

  • Better communication among clinicians and between clinicians and administrators
  • Improved clinician satisfaction, engagement and alignment & medical staff satisfaction
  • Better quality of care and clinical outcomes
  • Better patient experiences
  • Improved metrics and more efficient practices
  • Financial synergies

In short, EmCare is… Making Healthcare Work Better™.

The Vision for Integrated Healthcare

Healthcare is evolving and establishing that each aspect of patient care is part of the larger ecosystem. EmCare has been ardently pursuing a multifaceted mission of integration including intertwining service lines, technologies, even complementary companies to help us improve our role in healthcare delivery. The successful integration of hospital-based clinical practices continues to help hospitals achieve astounding metric and financial results.

Backed by its parent company Envision Healthcare, EmCare offers the advantages of its entire family of services. Envision the possibilities for accountability and efficiency with EmCare’s hospital-based physician groups connected to EMS and medical transportation through American Medical Response (AMR) and a cutting-edge population health and disease management organization, Evolution Health. These are the kinds of innovative, integrated approaches that are necessary to meet the new demands of healthcare. Our plan is to simultaneously achieve the three expectations set forth by the Institute for Healthcare Improvement in its Triple Aim:

1) Improve the patient experience of care, including quality and satisfaction
2) Improve the health of populations
3) Reduce the cost of healthcare.

EmCare has a long history of delivering high-quality compassionate patient care, improving efficiency and other metrics, effectively managing costs and improving the patient experience.  When Envision Healthcare companies come together to serve a community, we have the ability to cost-effectively address population health concerns that non-integrated services simply cannot touch. Be sure to read more about our mobile integrated health system and know that our companies are committed to helping solve some of the key issues of the healthcare crisis.