Software that Powers Hospitalist Efficiency and Interdepartmental Clinical Integration

EmCare’s proprietary Charge Capture system is a supercharged rounding assistance software that helps hospitalists easily organize and manage the rounding, discharge and charge capture process. Charge Capture automation provides sort and list functions based on key indicator fields, making it easy to identify patients for cross-coverage and priority discharge.

Coordinating care for hundreds of patients in a fast-paced hospital environment is challenging. Manual methods such as spreadsheets are clunky, inefficient and difficult to share, creating the perfect scenario for the process automation provided by Charge Capture. This comprehensive inpatient process management system provides multiple tools in one simple system:

  • Handoff Communication Tool – Improves hospitalist-to-hospitalist shift change handoffs by providing real-time automatic sign-out sheets available to all physicians via web access.
  • Patient Locator Tool – Appropriate patient information, such as room numbers and assigned hospitalist, can be shared with other departments, for example, nursing and pharmacy.
  • AM Discharge Tool – One click of a button identifies which patients should be eligible for discharge the next morning and generates a discharge list to those involved in discharge. The AM Discharge tool helps to expedite patient release, increase bed availability and improve patient flow.
  • Critical Action Notification Tool – This tool can highlight patients that need special attention from cross-cover, thus improving the quality of patient care.
  • Rounding List Generator – Quickly builds a rounding list and hand-off sheet for each hospitalist with the click of a button.
  • Reporting Tool – Easy access to metrics and trends help quickly identify bottlenecks, improve productivity and effectively manage a hospitalist service.
  • Charge Capture Tool – Hospitalists can complete billing in just two clicks with built-in billing system logic that saves time, flags mischarges and improves accuracy.

Charge Capture is technology that works for patients, physicians and hospitals to improve efficiency, organization and coordination of care.

The Charge Capture system is included as a module in the RAP&GO software. To learn more about RAP&GO with Charge Capture, call 877.416.8079.