Getting caught in the “we’ve always done it this way” mentality is easy to do in healthcare, but as the industry evolves, so must our processes. EmCare is committed to fostering a culture of innovation and advancing key strategic and operational best practices. Led by Kirk Jensen, MD, MBA, FACEP who serves as the Chief Innovation Officer for EmCare, the EmCare Innovation Team consists of dedicated members with various masters’ level degrees and experience in process improvement, medicine, engineering, business and human ecology. The team’s objectives include:

  • Expanding capabilities as well as productivity or efficiency through streamlining and standardization
  • Strategic management of ideas including prioritization and resourcing (harvesting innovation)
  • Development of resources and materials to support training, communication and management of change
  • Providing process improvement SWAT team and other consulting capabilities
  • Rewarding and recognizing innovation to enhance engagement with a focus on physicians

The group has achieved many goals including the creation of process playbooks for topics such as Physician Onboarding, Integrated Services, Physician Engagement, Demand Capacity Management, Lean Back to Basics and Risk-Free ED. They continue to analyze processes and explore new ideas that impact every aspect of the industry from process improvement at the department level to population health matters such as the perioperative surgical home and the business case for telehealth.

Since 2004, EmCare's Genesis Cup Award has honored innovation and creativity in healthcare. This internal program incentivizes creativity at the practice level and has recognized diverse projects, such as:

  • "Are Scribes Worth It?" - A study of the use of scribes in the E.D.
  • E.D. Optimization Model
  • Lean Processes to Improve E.D. Trauma Care
  • Enticing the Best Performance from Physicians
  • Advanced Practice Providers Training Academy

In addition, EmCare provides educational settings which stimulate and nurture innovative thinking. One example was an outstanding keynote address for the Annual Leadership Conference, Innovate the Way You Innovate, presented by innovation expert Stephen Shapiro. Innovation is a common theme at EmCare Institutes.

Innovative Services

EmCare takes a patient-centered approach to make valuable changes to the way healthcare is delivered. We were the first national practice management company to offer improved coordination of care through integrated emergency and hospital medicine. EmCare’s Door-To-Discharge™ with RAP&GO technology changes the culture of these typically disparate departments. By sharing information, processes, incentives and leadership, this unique service builds trust among physicians which can significantly expedite the patient flow process. EmCare’s Door-to-Discharge with RAP&GO has reduced “boarding” in the ED, in some cases by as much as three hours, resulting in improved satisfaction for patients as well as reduced arrival to admit times, LWOT rates and E.D. wait times. Another innovative service is EmCare’s CompleteCare program in which the emergency medicine physician provides rounding on inpatients for lower-volume facilities. EmCare’s integrated clinical services structure offers many unique opportunities for improving the delivery of care, and new collaborative arrangements including anesthesiology, surgery, hospital medicine and more are emerging rapidly.

EmCare teams continually look for innovative ways to add value for patients, physicians and hospitals by capitalizing on its integrated structure, resources and broad knowledge base. Improving collaboration, communication, standardization and utilization across multiple clinical departments.

Innovative Technologies

Part of positioning our clinicians and staff to outpace the industry is our investment in technologies that support and improve processes. From software that automates the mundane aspects of trying to connect all the right people to programs that help hospitals build loyal connections with referral sources, EmCare integrated clinical technologies are powering improvement in healthcare delivery.

  • DASH simplifies the direct admission process to improve engagement with community referral sources
  • CARMA improves coordination and facilitates referrals throughout the patient’s community of caregivers
  • CMORx helps ensure accurate billing by offering options for more exact and detailed coding beyond the primary diagnosis
  • Charge Capture makes is easy for hospitalists to record, access and use patient information for rounding and billing

EmCare is delivering innovations that are Making Healthcare Work Better.