Improving Patient Experiences


We all know what patients want… immediate, high-quality clinical evaluation and treatment from caring clinicians who listen and communicate effectively… access to all the latest technology and healthcare innovations… without too much paperwork, redundancy or cost. If you aren’t delivering on these expectations, it can impact your hospital’s reputation and show up in your HCAHPS scores resulting in penalties. Do this well, and your hospital may be in for a bonus.

EmCare supports hospitals in improving the patient experience across six foundational pillars, a model used by our national partner, Studer Group®, which includes: Service, People, Quality, Financial, Growth and Community. EmCare clinical and operational teams work closely with physicians and nurses to focus attention on patient perceptions throughout the hospital encounter by providing training, tools and resources that help achieve these fundamental goals.


  • Support fast service where quality care and productivity go hand-in-hand
  • Improve efficiency of processes, often achieved through the application of lean methodologies
  • Ensure knowledgeable staff through recruiting and leadership development
  • Introduce innovative services and technologies that improve the patient experience


  • Really listen to what patients are saying
  • Communicate clearly and effectively
  • Be genuine, compassionate and empathetic
  • Demonstrate skills from training in clinical communication techniques
  • Set policies that are patient-friendly


  • Deliver strong physician leadership and oversight
  • Provide a review of data and metrics
  • Monitor clinical outcomes


  • Deliver ample value to patients for their healthcare dollars
  • Be good stewards of resources and work to control costs
  • Monitor HCAHPS and EDPEC (Emergency Department Patient Experience of Care) penalties and bonuses
  • Reduce E.D. wait times, surgical same-day case cancellations for the O.R., LWOTs and E.D. boarding and improve patient flow


  • Support the hospital’s fine reputation
  • Make it easy for patients to want to choose our partner hospitals for care and for hospitals to choose EmCare
  • Ensure effective processes for problem solving and innovation


  • Support hospitals in achieving the triple aim in their communities: better access to high-quality, cost-efficient care
  • Help solve healthcare issues with inventive thinking and new approaches to care delivery
  • Demonstrate a commitment to population health and building a better healthcare system

When it comes to the patient experience, nothing is more important than the physician-patient relationship. Our goal is to empower, engage, lead, teach and challenge every physician affiliated with EmCare to help them reach their fullest potential as communicators and leaders because we believe that within each physician is the key to Making Healthcare Work Better.

Here are a few of the resources EmCare offers to help physicians and hospitals improve the patient experience:


Communication techniques, training and coaching through EmCare's industry-leading national partnership with Studer Group


Leading smarter with real-time patient perception survey data and automation of the leadership rounding process with Qualitick


Readmission and transitional care management solutions through Evolution Health, a part of Envision Healthcare (EmCare's parent company)

Read our case studies for examples of how a culture of quality care, supported by training, leads to improved metrics and patient experiences.