OB-GYN Hospitalist Program


The rapidly expanding demand for obstetric (OB) or obstetrical & gynecological (Ob-Gyn) hospitalists is reflective of the growth in its value to a hospital and its patients. Our access to qualified practitioners and a sound foundational program allow us flexibility in designing an Ob-Gyn hospitalist program to meet the unique needs of your hospital, healthcare system and community.

Why are Ob-Gyn hospitalists becoming so popular? Sometimes a baby won’t wait for the obstetrician to arrive. Even more challenging are the complexities and unexpected complications which put both patients and staff at risk. The 24/7 in-hospital availability of a board certified, qualified and experienced Ob-Gyn physicians offers a safety net for the hospital, nurses, medical staff, and most importantly, the patients. Further, according to the Society of OBGYN Hospitalists, a strong Ob-Gyn hospitalist service is proven to decrease malpractice costs. Our Ob-Gyn hospitalist programs work to improve quality, safety and outcomes.* (Society of OBGYN Hospitalists, 2016)

Better Quality of Care, Paramount Patient Safety, Happier Birthdays

Improving quality, safety and outcomes results in improved satisfaction for patients, clinicians and nurses. An Ob-Gyn hospitalist program fosters a more satisfied staff and higher retention. Whether you partner with independent practices or employ Ob-Gyn specialists, providing physicians the benefits of less time on call, decreased risk, 24/7 access to quality physicians for emergencies and clinical support, will all prove to be important factors in their decision about where to work or refer their patients.

  • Obstetrical hospitalists available 24/7
    • Respond quickly to emergencies and assume patient care until the staff physician arrives
    • Immediate availability for any Ob-Gyn emergency, deliveries and C-sections
    • Observe frequent changes in patient and baby’s condition to ensure a safe delivery
  • Patient evaluations and dispositions
    • Complete management of all unassigned / “drop-in” patients through L&D
    • Admit specialized and high-risk antepartum transfers as part of facility outreach program
    • Facilitate post-partum and newborn discharges
  • Delivering a standardized, evidence-based approach to care
    • Consults for inpatient, nursing and CNM, education and instruction
    • Supervision of CNM’s, residents and medical students
  • Improved outcomes, decrease in unattended deliveries, improved C-section rates, improved neonatal outcomes

The delicate nature and complexities of Ob-Gyn patient complaints deserve the attention of an onsite physician. Our Ob-Gyn hospitalists offer flexible solutions that fit the needs of your patients, hospital and staff for quality care.

We offer 24/7 in-house Ob-Gyn coverage with providers dedicated to one facility. Our teams manage the staffing, recruiting, credentialing and shift-model scheduling. Experienced clinical leaders support on-site physicians with process improvement and training. And the business side of healthcare (malpractice coverage, billing and collections process) is managed by our business team.

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