Hospital Medicine


EmCare Hospital Medicine: Improving Quality, Patient Flow, ALOS, Readmission and the Patient Experience

As hospital medicine emerges as a crucial director of value-based purchasing related metrics, EmCare is pioneering innovations that positively impact the quality of inpatient care, efficiency, the patient experience and the hospital’s bottom line. EmCare Hospital Medicine supports improvements to that help to

1) Streamline the admission process
2) Improve satisfaction and
3) Decrease lengths of stay (LOS), when medically appropriate, by implementing cost-effective care paths.

Through our parent company, Envision Healthcare, the clinical hospital practices can be extended to matters of disease management through Evolution Health and medical transportation and onsite services through AMR, to effectively manage post-acute care.

Our proprietary RAP&GO technology supports hospital medicine, making it easier for hospitalists to manage early morning discharges, rounding, charge capture, appropriate coding and documentation, admission processes and more. And our Direct Admission System for Hospitals (DASH) builds loyalty with referral sources by creating a direct connection between the hospitalist team and area PCPs, urgent care clinics, nursing homes and other neighborhood healthcare providers.

Customize Your Hospitalist Program

EmCare offers customized services designed to help hospitals efficiently manage care and treatment for unassigned patients, improve collaboration with the E.D. and coordinate care with the patient’s community of caregivers outside the hospital. Highly-trained hospitalists focus on (1) quality and (2) patient satisfaction. They use EmCare’s advanced technologies and performance improvement strategies to manage and organize inpatient processes. These hospitalists also collaborate with the patient’s community of caregivers to improve clinical quality and outcomes, reduce LOS and provide discharge planning as a means to minimize preventable readmissions.

EmCare Hospital Medicine services include:


Highly-qualified hospitalists armed with proven tools and processes and supported by experienced clinical leaders provide the foundation of the company’s traditional hospital medicine model.


CompleteCare is designed for lower-volume hospitals utilizing the services of a single physician who manages patient care both in the E.D. and on the inpatient floor.


For those hospitals that contract with EmCare for hospitalist and emergency services, EmCare’s Door-To-Discharge™ (D2D) service with Rapid Admission Process and Gap Orders™ (RAP&GO) proprietary software can significantly reduce the time it takes to admit patients from the E.D. See how D2D improves throughput and patient flow for this EmCare client.


As clinical specialization grows, so does our ability to offer unique access to the services your patients need. Our expanding hospital medicine services include OB/GYN hospitalists and intensivists as well as support for nearly 20 other sub-specialists through telemedicine.

Services available with EmCare Hospital Medicine include:

  • 24/7 hospitalist coverage
  • Coverage for the intensive care, psychiatric, medical, skilled nursing, rehabilitation and other inpatient units
  • Consults on surgery, OB/GYN, psychiatry and other units
  • Metrics and ALOS management
  • Value-based purchasing program support
  • Access to proprietary technology for rounding, prioritizing, bed management, room locator information and charge capture

Benefits hospitals may realize when working with EmCare Hospital Medicine include:

  • Improved clinical quality and outcomes
  • Effectively managed cost-per-case
  • Reduced preventable readmissions and related CMS-imposed financial penalties
  • Improved throughput and metrics by expediting inpatient admissions from the E.D.
  • Decreased E.D. left without treatment (LWOT) rates
  • Decreased E.D. boarding time and inpatient LOS