EmCare Anesthesia Services: Vision, Leadership, Sophistication and Innovation in Anesthesiology

Today, hospitals of all sizes experience frustrating and costly issues surrounding perioperative care, proper surgery preparation, patient safety and quality outcomes that could and should be more effectively managed by the anesthesiologist-led perioperative team. Plagued with high costs, fragmented care, waste, non-value-added variability and preventable complications, many hospitals are seeking an EmCare solution that incorporates systematic approaches, smart technologies and talented leadership to help solve the issues that drain resources and prevent success.

As a leading national full-service anesthesia and perioperative care management company, EmCare is leading the industry to a better way of delivering perioperative care. In addition to recruiting, staffing and practice management for anesthesiology, our teams provide expertise and knowledge of the most advanced processes and systems for improving patient care. We provide resources to address every aspect of managing the practice from improving utilization, training on new techniques for pain management, effective billing services, surgeon satisfaction improvement plans and more.

EmCare offers clients the security of proven processes and experienced leadership coupled with cutting-edge technologies and methods to deliver valuable and reliable perioperative management.

Patient Safety, Quality Outcomes and Efficiency

Expertise, training, clinical leadership, standardization and improved coordination of care that prioritizes patient safety.

Perioperative Surgical Home

Transform care with EmCare's multi-specialty initiative, pre- and post-surgery services that improve value and performance.

Anesthesia Services and Benefits

Staffing plans, resources and services, with flexible solutions to fit your needs.

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EmCare Anesthesia

80% fewer surgery cancellations, 70% fewer surgery delays - just two of the impressive metrics EmCare Anesthesia Services has been able to deliver to its hospital partners. Dr. Michael Hicks, CEO of EmCare Anesthesia Services, explains.