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Progress is born out of dissatisfaction with the status quo and the inclination not to be too comfortable in a belief that you are right. EmCare leaders understand the need to continuously evaluate and improve processes. What works today may become obsolete tomorrow. We are dedicated to research and innovation that ensures services will meet or exceed our customer’s expectations — often before the customer realizes the need.

The following white papers share a few of the examples of EmCare thought leadership in the effective delivery of care and Making Healthcare Work Better.

Securing Physician Resources: A Business Case for Outsourcing

The True Basis for the Anesthesia SubsidyWith the heightened focus on improving the quality of care and the overall patient experience, outsourcing can be a cost-effective solution for hospital clinical staffing or for supporting a hospital's employed physicians. Read the paper to learn more.

The True Basis for the Anesthesia Subsidy

The True Basis for the Anesthesia SubsidyHow can hospitals improve performance and reduce subsidies for anesthesia services? This new white paper focuses on the specific challenges hospitals and anesthesia clinicians face in providing high quality, cost effective care, with recommendations on how to improve clinical, operational and financial metrics. Read the white paper to learn more.

Integrated Clinical Technologies

Integrated Clinical TechnologiesAfter decades of slow adoption, information technology is beginning to make transformative changes to healthcare. Realizing the potential to decrease costs and improve productivity and quality, healthcare organizations are embracing technology to integrate business and clinical operations.

Magic Number

Magic NumberOptimized staffing plans can result in improvements in case mix index, reductions in length of stay and decreases in readmissions. Finding the magic number for hospitalist staffing is a great way to support quality and value in patient care, physician satisfaction and retention and risk reduction. This white paper can show you how.

Integration Changes Everything

Integration Changes Everything Healthcare reform is requiring more effort and better results … despite declining payments and limited resources. Maximizing hospital productivity through efficient patient flow is key. Download this white paper to see how using clinically integrated technology, improving communication processes and leveraging resources can help improve performance.

Operational Integration

Operational IntegrationLearn the critical success factors necessary to transform your healthcare organization into a highly integrated, highly reliable operation. Organizational integration leads to a greater efficiency, more satisfied patients and physicians and overall better metrics.

A System-Wide Approach

A System Wide ApproachEmCare helped Baylor Healthcare System implement a system-wide approach to providing emergency care, which fostered the development of numerous approaches to managing the challenges faced by its emergency departments, including an innovative protocol to manage overcrowding at the system’s flagship facility.

Modifying a Lean Implementation

Modifying a Lean ImplementationLearn how six hospitals in the southeast United States decreased LWOBS rates by 67 percent and improved satisfaction scores by implementing Lean methodology in their emergency departments.