Radiology Practice Scorecard


On a scale of 1 to 5 with 1 being “Never” and 5 being “Always,” review and rate your radiology service against these top 10 guidelines for a successful radiology partnership.



Provides accurate and complete routine reports 24/7 within 4-24 hours and stat reports within 30 minutes.:
Exhibits active leadership over the radiology group; and productively and regularly communicates with other hospital leadership staff.:
Assists in managing mandated policies and requirements of accrediting agencies as well as pertinent licensure and regulatory requirements regarding radiology services.:
Screens and manages staffing of radiologists suited to the needs of the hospital.:
Develops policies and procedures for continuous quality improvement and cost savings.:
Actively manages workflow to meet the continuous demands of change.:
Assists in recommendations regarding capital equipment purchases.:
Participates in the orientation and continuing education of the radiology staff and other health professionals who may benefit from such programs.:
Maintains membership and provides active leadership on appropriate intra/inter-departmental committees.:
Provides a formal review and written appraisals of the radiology services rendered, utilization and implementation of future radiology services.:
How Did Your Radiology Practice Score?

If your radiology services scored 30 or less, it may be time to consider new ways to improve performance with a radiology partner that can help your hospital reach its goals.

EmCare Radiology Services understands the importance of working with all departments to improve quality outcomes. The results can significantly impact your entire organization — enhancing efficiencies and patient care. Further, we offer flexible solutions to support your current practice.

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