High-Performing Emergency Physician / Advanced Practice Provider Self-test


Are you doing all that you can in your practice to improve the patient experience? Test yourself and your colleagues. A score of “1” indicates that you are not consistently doing this and a score of “5” represents a strongly hardwired and consistent routine.



Do you acknowledge and make physical contact with the patient and others in the room when you first enter?:
Do you introduce yourself and share your experience and commitment? Do you manage up the rest of the team?:
Do you sit down at the patient’s bedside?:
Do you acknowledge what you already know about the patient and then give the patient 2 minutes to tell his/ her story?:
When you get up to perform the physical examination, do you tell the patient? Do you articulate your findings?:
Do you explain to patients your initial diagnostic impression, what you are going to do and how long it will take?:
Are you using key words to convey to patients your commitment to their comfort and safety?:
Do you explain to patients/ families the results of your diagnostic work-up, what you think is going on, and the likely duration of the illness?:
Are you or another staff member rounding on patients at least every 30 minutes?:
Are you completing the patient visit with “What questions do you have for me? Is there anything you would like for me to go over again?”:
If a patient hand-off is required, are you doing it at bedside? Are you thanking the patient for the privilege of caring for him/ her?:
Are you making follow up phone calls to patients who are treated and discharged, at least two patients per clinical shift?:
For physicians scoring 40 or less, it may be time to consider introducing new resources to help reach your goals for patient satisfaction.  

With exceptional training, operational support and clinical leadership, EmCare can help physicians improve patient satisfaction while making their jobs easier.

High-Performing Physician/Provider Self-Test courtesy of Jay Kaplan, M.D., National Speaker with Studer Group® as part EmCare’s national partnership.