O.R. Efficiency Scorecard


Your anesthesiology practice can significantly influence O.R. performance and must work as part of the O.R. team to help your hospital achieve its goals for patient care and surgeon satisfaction. Make sure your anesthesia practice is prepared to address the factors that support a successful O.R. Using a scale of 1-5 with 5 being “excellent,” rate your anesthesiology practice on the following factors:



Strategic planning and O.R. management, including participation and leadership in patient safety programs and other best practices:
Optimal anesthesiologist and CRNA staffing to meet the needs of your facility:
Knowledge of Anesthesia Information Management Systems and clinical informatics, with vendor relationships to give client’s affordable options, with improved reporting:
A focus on areas that directly impact patient care, including quality benchmarking, tracking and initiatives for improving HCAHPS scores, the patient experience and surgeon satisfaction:
Effective management of case cancellations, on-time starts and room turnover times:
Support for the facility’s cost containment, quality assurance and risk mitigation strategies as well as tracking of performance metrics relating to value based purchasing, SCIP, etc.:
Charge capture and reconciliation and robust reporting regarding OR utilization, over and under utilization:
Demonstrated ability to meet administrative reporting needs including HCAHPS, PQRS and facility requirements:
Effective use and expertise in co-management agreements to increase team building and problem solving:
Conduct consistent with the highest standards of medical practice:

How Did Your Anesthesia Practice Rate?

If your anesthesia practice scored 30 or less, it may be time to consider new ways to improve O.R. performance with an anesthesiology service that can help you reach your goals.

At EmCare Anesthesia Services, our success is based on the success of our clients. EmCare leadership delivers innovative ideas as well as decades of real world experience managing exceptional anesthesia practices and improving O.R. efficiency and performance.

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