EmCare works with hundreds of hospitals nationwide to help establish benchmarks and goals for improving patient care. Based on our experience and knowledge of the industry, we have created a number of practical scorecards that hospitals and physicians can use to evaluate current performance. Use the simple rating scale in these scorecards to quickly identify areas that may need improvement.

E.D. Performance Scorecard & Benchmarks

Setting the right goals is the first step in creating measurable success. EmCare helps hospitals identify goals and achieve metrics that improve patient care. Use these ten factors for emergency department success to rate your E.D.

E.D. Performance Scorecard & Benchmarks for Hospitals with 20,000 Annual E.D. Visits or Less

Lower volume hospitals have the same stringent patient care goals, yet face different challenges. EmCare has a division that is devoted to rural, low-volume and specialty hospitals. Use this scorecard to rate your E.D.

E.D. Throughput Scorecard

Excellent throughput times in the E.D. make it possible to serve more patients while improving the patient experience. Use this scorecard to rate your E.D. throughput.

Lean E.D. Scorecard

Lean is a practical and sustainable tool for maintaining continuous quality improvement in the emergency department. Is your E.D. lean-optimized? Find out now using this simple rating tool.

Hospitalist Group Scorecard

Effective planning and coordination of care by physicians specializing in inpatient management can and should result in improved efficiency, metrics and excellent patient experiences. How is your hospitalist group performing?

Patient Flow Scorecard

Lack of collaboration between the E.D. and inpatient units can adversely impact the patient experience, appropriate admissions, boarding times, wait times in the E.D. and walkaways. Rate your hospital’s patient flow.

Anesthesia & Perioperative Services: O.R. Efficiency Scorecard

Make sure your anesthesia practice is prepared to address the factors that support your goals for patient care and surgeon satisfaction. Rate your anesthesiology practice using this O.R. Efficiency Scorecard.

Radiology Practice Scorecard

Review and rate your radiology service against these top 10 guidelines for a successful radiology partnership.

High-Performing Emergency Physician / Advanced Practice Provider Self-Test

Are you doing all that you can in your practice to improve the patient experience? Test yourself and your colleagues to determine if there are inconsistencies in your approach or if you have a strongly hardwired routine.