Challenge. Feedback plays a critical role for the emergency department’s (E.D.) quality improvement process. Yet the services of many patient satisfaction survey companies are expensive, and the results are so delayed that there is little value in helping identify or correct issues. The lack of timely patient satisfaction data can make it very difficult for the medical director and physicians to know where to focus improvement efforts.

Solution. An effective on-site, real-time patient satisfaction program can provide the information needed to make meaningful improvements. At many of its contracted facilities, EmCare partners with Qualitick for cutting edge technology, including portable tablet computers for bedside use, to allow patients and families to easily provide feedback regarding their E.D. experience. Data and reports are made available for the physician to review and track progress. If a patient was either extremely satisfied or dissatisfied, alerts are instantaneously sent to the E.D. nursing leader or staff, the medical director and the administrator on duty. The immediate feedback affords the leader an opportunity to recognize and reward clinicians for a job well done as well as quickly perform service recovery when the patient reports an issue. The opportunity to address the patient's concerns not only enhances patient satisfaction, but may also reduce risk by improving patient safety and compliance with discharge instructions.

Result. EmCare’s implementation of real-time patient surveys has positively impacted patient, physician, nursing and administration satisfaction, and enhanced the focus on patient experience awareness and training.

The completion percentage of ‘surveys to E.D. visits’ averages over 20 percent, which far exceeds the return rate of many well-known survey tools. The large sample size provides relevant feedback that helps the department focus on improvements that matter.

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Nothing beats hard data, received in real-time, for bringing about change in my clinician team. Immediate patient feedback through Qualitick, sometimes with the patient still physically in the E.D., allows us to connect the patient's perception of the visit with our impression of the encounter. This is a powerful tool for making us better at what we do and it makes much more of an impact than seeing an average score of all encounters weeks to months later.

Gregory S Roth, MD, CPE, FACEP
Regional Medical Director - EmCare Emergency Medicine

Qualitick’s real-time patient survey tool is a game changer. To improve your game at any level, specific immediate feedback is a must. Qualitick allows us to overcome the deficiencies of traditional survey methods (delay, low N and lack of provider specificity) and deliver to our physicians credible, actionable information on patient perception.

Qualitick is more than just a rapid patient survey system. It is flexible and customizable. Rounding, physician portals and many other functions can be utilized – all to improve communications.

Harry "Tripp" Wingate, MD, FACEP
Area Medical Director - EmCare