Terrebonne General Medical Center
Houma, LA
58,000 Annual Emergency Department Visits

Terrebonne General Medical Center (TGMC) is the largest community hospital in southeast Louisiana.

The TGMC E.D. team has mastered best practices for improving the patient experience, achieving outstanding improvement in Press Ganey patient satisfaction scores.

The alignment demonstrated by Dr. Grossman and Dr. Claville, setting expectations and ensuring accountability for the team was vital to this success.

Challenge. Terrebonne General Medical Center (TGMC) emergency department (E.D.) leadership set a goal of increasing Press Ganey survey scores for ED Physician-Patient Perception Measures for “Overall Communication with Providers.”

Solution. EmCare sponsored patient perception communication workshops, customized for TGMC, focused on key best practices to improve the patient experience:
  • Teach Back, a method to confirm patient and caregiver understanding of the course of treatment and follow-up care
  • Outstanding leadership and participation
  • EmCare coaching techniques for improving patient communication and AIDET®, the Studer Group® tactic

Results. ED Physician-Patient Perception Measures for CY15Q1 through CY15Q4 improved by an amazing 60 percent!



EmCare Tactics. To help achieve these outstanding improvements, EmCare Directors of Clinical Services Roxie Jackson and Kathy Molino delivered several interactive training sessions with videotaped role playing and individual coaching.


Teach Back Coaching: The clinical teams were coached on teach back, a method to provide consistent and repetitive education to the patient and caregivers about medications and follow-up care. Teach back can help improve clinicians’ understanding of differences in patients’ culture and health literacy.

Video Feedback: A temporary videotaped session of a mock patient and family interaction was provided to each participant allowing them to view their body language, clarity and tone of voice.

Pictured are Michael Isabell, MD, Lori Ferrebee, PAC, Jim Rice, PAC and Joni Claville, MD Associate Medical Director

Pictured are Philip Paulk, MD and Owen Grossman, MD Medical Director