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Baptist Orange Hospital
Orange, Texas
Annual ED Visits: 19,000

Challenge.When Baptist Orange Hospital set a goal of improving communication, reducing left against medical advice rates and improving patient satisfaction, hospital leaders turned to EmCare for innovative solutions.

Solution.EmCare recruited an emergency department medical director known for strong leadership skills to manage the department. The site medical director developed and implemented a cross-departmental initiative that was instrumental in creating a culture of communication and cooperation between the ED, hospital medical staff and local referring physicians.

  • Emergency physicians began rounding with patients, their family members and other physicians, leading to significantly improved patient satisfaction scores.
  • A Physician Preferred Referral Clinic program was initiated, allowing local physicians to quickly receive their patients’ assessment and treatment plan.
  • A culture of ongoing teaching and medical education was established with the emergency department regularly hosting educational sessions for nursing and EMT students.


  • Achieved 90th to 100th percentile for all Core Measure categories
  • Overall Patient Satisfaction Score of 98%, the highest in hospital history
  • Reduced Left Prior to Triage from 3.2% to 0.5%
  • Reduced Left Against Medical Advice rate by 54%

In recognition of the great accomplishments, Baptist Orange Hospital staff selected the EmCare-affiliated medical director as their Physician of the Year.


“We saw improvements in a number of areas, for example, our ‘Left Without Being Seen’ percentages decreased. But, more importantly, the feedback I was getting from patients about the care they received in the ED was a dramatic turnaround from what we had received previously.

The emergency department is the front door of the organization and I am proud for patients to go through it. I no longer cringe when I speak to a patient and their first words to me are, ‘I was in your ED last night.’ Compared to the care you would get at other organizations, I would put our ED up against anyone else.”

- Jarren Garrett
Chief Administrative Officer

Overall Patient Satisfaction Score of 98%, the highest in hospital history


Reduced "Left Against Medical Advice" rate by 54%