Improving Emergency Department Efficiency Calculator


As the "front door" of the hospital, the emergency department needs to operate as efficiently as possible, quickly treating or admitting patients so that new patients can be served. Do you know what it's costing you when E.D. wait times are too high? Enter your data to calculate your hospital's potential revenue leak.

Here's an opportunity to estimate the impact of reducing LWOTs through improving E.D. efficiency, reducing E.D. boarding, implementing lean and other process improvements. Enter your hospital's information in the white cells to calculate the top line revenue improvement you could potentially experience by improving efficiency in the E.D.

DISCLAIMER: The following offers a simplified method for calculating estimated impact of various changes in data. EmCare does not make any guarantees relative to the potential results, sample numbers or calculations. You should consult a professional before relying on any data derived from this calculator.

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Hospital's LWOT %
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Average Hospital E.D. Revenue Per Patient
Potential Lost E.D. Revenues from Walkaways
E.D. Admission Rate
Number of Potential Inpatient Admissions Lost to Walk-aways
Average Hospital Revenue Per Admit
Potential Lost Inpatient Revenue
COMPARE: Total Potential Revenue Lost to LWOTs with improvements
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