Potential Impact of Increased Annual Direct Admissions Calculator


Calculate Potential Increase in Direct Admissions

Enter your current annual hospital direct admissions from all community referral sources.  
How many additional direct admissions do you estimate that your hospital could be receiving?
(If your community physicians currently split referrals among multiple hospitals, the ease of using DASH for direct admits helps build loyalty to your hospital.)
Resulting Percentage of New Admissions with Dash %
Enter your average revenue per case for inpatient admissions. $
Total Potential New Hospital Revenue Annually $

DISCLAIMER: This calculator offers a simplified method for calculating estimated impact of various changes in data. EmCare does not make any guarantees relative to the potential results, sample numbers or calculations. You should consult a professional before relying on any data derived from this calculator.

EmCare’s Direct Admit System for Hospitals (DASH) improves relationships with community-based physicians and clinics by making it easy to admit their patients. DASH is an internet-based tool that automates notifications and supports communication and collaboration between community-based referring physicians or medical facilities and your hospital.


As innovators in the delivery of care, EmCare offers simple and practical yet powerful technologies to improve the continuity of patient care and enhance collaboration between healthcare providers.

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