For Healthcare Executives

EmCare is a trusted thought leader on a variety of topics. To help healthcare executives make informed decisions, we offer a variety of calculators.

Financial Impact of Improving Patient Flow Calculator

Patient flow can have a significant impact on a hospital’s financial performance. Often flow issues are due to delays in moving patients from the E.D. to the inpatient units. EmCare's Door-to-Discharge with RAP&GO helps improve the patient flow process and may reduce boarding time to about an hour. Use our calculator to estimate the cost of slow patient flow and unnecessary E.D. boarding and wait times.
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E.D. Efficiency Calculator

This calculator offers an easy method for calculating the financial impact of a variety of changes within your hospital’s emergency department. EmCare has a long history of improving operational metrics, which may lead to reduced costs and enhanced revenue.

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Cost of Same-Day Cancellations Calculator

Same-day surgical cancellations can cost your hospital dearly. Use this calculator to determine just how much money you may be losing due to inefficient surgical case management. EmCare’s anesthesia leaders are masters at improving on-time starts, reducing cancellations and improving surgeon satisfaction.
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Hospital Medicine Staffing Calculator

There is a science to adequately and efficiently staffing a hospital medicine program. This calculator helps you to quickly determine how many physicians and/or advanced practice professionals your organization needs based on expected number of patient encounters and patient acuity.
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Referral Volume Impact Calculator

If your community physicians currently split referrals among multiple hospitals, the ease of using EmCare’s Direct Admit System for Hospitals (DASH) for direct admits may help build loyalty to your hospital. Use this calculator to evaluate the potential impact of increased direct admissions.
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For Clinicians

Cost of Living Calculator

Thinking of moving? See how far your salary will go in another city and compare common expense categories including: Groceries, Housing, Utilities, Transportation and Healthcare.

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