Exceptional clinical leaders delivering exceptional clinical care coast to coast

With the benefit of more than 40 years of experience, EmCare provides hospitals with stability and positive results through strength, innovation and industry intelligence. EmCare is a physician-led company and EmCare-affiliated clinicians are supported with unparalleled leadership, resources and tools, such as lean for healthcare and Studer Group principles, that successfully improve metrics. A partnership with EmCare is a solution that works, delivering superior practice management services, clinical excellence and quality patient care.


Integrated Services Brochure EmCare offers a single point of contact across multiple service lines — emergency medicine, hospital medicine, acute care surgery, anesthesiology and radiology/teleradiology. EmCare’s numerous patient-centered programs, such as lean for healthcare and a national partnership with Studer Group, support improved core measures and HCAHPS results. In addition, integrating clinical services across an organization may improve revenue and reduce costs through improved operational efficiencies.


Emergency Medicine Brochure EmCare Emergency Medicine delivers proven solutions for physician recruitment and retention, training and leadership development, implementation of best practices, and improvement in clinical quality, efficiency and patient satisfaction, bringing stability and excellence to hospital emergency departments.


Hospital Medicine Brochure EmCare Hospital Medicine provides continuous focus on strategies that improve efficiency and quality of inpatient services, and the patient experience. EmCare’s Door-To-Discharge service expedites and helps to coordinate care beginning in the emergency department and continuing through hospital admission and, ultimately, discharge.


Acute Care Surgery Brochure EmCare Acute Care Surgery provides hospital-based general surgeons who possess clinical expertise in acute care (emergency and trauma) surgery and who provide on-site leadership for trauma programs. The company has helped numerous hospitals apply for and receive trauma program designations and, in some cases, helped hospitals to advance their trauma levels.


Anesthesiology Brochure EmCare Anesthesia Services offers innovative approaches to the clinical practice and business management of anesthesiology services through experienced leadership, resources, service to surgeons and programs designed to improve efficiency and achieve cost-savings by utilizing Lean principles and optimizing the O.R. block.


Radiology & Teleradiology Brochure EmCare Radiology Services offers customized solutions, including on-site radiologists and/or teleradiology with board-certified, U.S.-based radiologists including fellowship-trained radiologists in a dozen subspecialties, including musculoskeletal, pediatric and neuroradiology, who utilize sophisticated state-of-the-art imaging technologies.