Leadership Lessons: Turn to the 3 Cs

Posted on Mon, Sep 19, 2016
Leadership Lessons: Turn to the 3 Cs

By Ginger Wirth, RN

Leadership often can be linked to the great military minds of our country. Generals Patton, MacArthur and even as far back as George Washington are considered some of the greatest leaders.

Being a strong leader has so many implications, especially when leading teams. Think about it: Almost everything that you do involves some sort of team, unless you’re performing a solo task. Most often there is one person who emerges as the leader of these teams. That leadership carries a responsibility to get the identified task completed and help the team meet its ultimate goal.

Strong leadership skills can be attained by focusing in three areas – the three Cs of leadership:

  1. Commitment: This is where leading by example comes into play. A great leader demonstrates his or her commitment to the cause often by being right there in the middle of it all, showing the team that they are willing to get right down and dirty with those in the trenches. When a leader works alongside the team, a very strong sense of teamwork develops. It also shows the team that you can evaluate how things are going when you are able to do the work.

  2. Confidence: Believing in yourself and your ability to lead a team will take you a long way! Make sure that you are self-aware, know your limitations, triggers and strengths. Use this knowledge to your advantage, and believe that you can get to the end point successfully. Oftentimes we need to take time to look in the mirror and know what traits within us may be a barrier to the team’s success.

  3. Communication: Be the kind of leader who makes sure that the team clearly understands the who, what, when, where and why of any project. It’s imperative that objectives are shared openly and honestly. A great leader demonstrates his or her trustworthiness, honesty and integrity in how they communicate to the team. A successful leader needs to “talk the talk” and be able to “walk the walk.”

There are many other traits and qualities that define a great leader and they’re certainly not limited to those listed above. But, whether you are leading the U.S. Military, a Fortune 500 company or your neighborhood watch group, these three areas are a fantastic starting point on your road to success.

Ginger Wirth

Ginger Wirth, RN, joined EmCare in 2013 as a Divisional Director of Clinical Services for the Alliance Group. Her goal is to make positive changes in healthcare by helping others focus on quality, excellence, and the overall patient experience. Wirth regards her role as Director of Clinical Services as the ideal opportunity to partner with nursing, physician and facility leaders to make positive changes to the entire patient care experience. Her 20-plus year nursing career has been dedicated to quality and excellence, promoting overall positive outcomes and safety for patients.

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