Clinical Hot Topics: “Pit Crew” CPR

Posted on Wed, Sep 24, 2014

Hosted by Al Sacchetti, MD, FACEP as moderator, Don’t Blink or You Will Miss It - Clinical Hot Topics can feel much like the “speed dating” of training presentations. The 12 hyper-paced presentations covered a wealth of information for the 2014 EmCare Leadership Conference attendees.  Each week, we’ll publish highlights from select clinical hot topics presented at the conference.

By Howard Mell, MD, MPH, CPE

mell.pngDuring complex, high-intensity processes, even simple activities can be difficult. Participantshave little to no concept of time and limited ability to synchronize and time tasks. So any necessary interruptions should be engineered and linked activities heavily choreographed to minimize the impact from a loss of temporal awareness. Dr. Mell recommended the three P’s:

                PREPARE - set up equipment for ease of use

                PLAN - define and assign roles, set up contingencies

                PRACTICE - you can’t set this up “on the fly”


                These three steps can help achieve high-performance under high-pressure.


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