On the Road with Ray: Hoosier Edition

Posted on Mon, Oct 24, 2016
On the Road with Ray: Hoosier Edition

Earlier this year, EmCare’s Executive Team launched a “road trip” initiative to better connect with providers in the field, recognize teams that are “making healthcare work better,” and brainstorm with those that may be struggling on how to overcome the challenges they are facing.

The recurring “On the Road with Ray” feature will highlight these visits and the dedicated clinicians who are providing care at EmCare sites across the country.

By Ray Iannaccone, MD, FACEP, FACHE

When operations at a client site are going well and the team is humming along, we try to find ways to replicate that success at other EmCare sites.

That’s one of the reasons that’s I’ve been visiting a variety of hospital sites over the last few months. It gives me a chance to understand the culture and leadership at a site, and to connect with the clinicians that are knocking it out of the park.

Andy Mulvey, MD, FACEP, regional medical director, invited me to the Hoosier State to meet with the team at Community Hospital South (CHS) in Indianapolis. In the four years that we’ve been at CHS, our team has implemented a very successful E.D. Optimization Model, which focuses on delivering the best patient experience possible. In that time, our colleagues have netted:

  • Left without treatment (LWOT) rates that have remained at an average of 0.38 percent for the last year, compared to the Emergency Department Benchmarking Alliance (EDBA) national median of 2.80 percent and the CMS median of 2.10 percent
  • Median door-to-provider times of 24 minutes, compared to the EDBA median of 29 minutes and CMS median of 25 minutes
  • Volume increases from 34,000 to now more than 50,000 annual E.D. visits
  • Overall Patient Satisfaction Emergency Department Top Box scores of 88.2 percent in Q1 2016, putting the hospital in the 98th percentile nationally

I was eager to meet with the emergency medicine physicians, hospitalists, advanced practice providers, scribes and administrative staff who’ve been able to work together to improve care for patients – and improve efficiency for our hospital partners. People like physician assistant Jack Bonham, physicians Jake Dickinson and Ryan Bence, and three of the original “Amigos,” Drs. Ed Stone, Ron Leach and Eric Bennett. Our informal talks touched on everything from trends in emergency medicine to the upcoming election to our kids.

I also met with Community Health’s nursing leadership, who have been instrumental in supporting the changes that we’ve made at the hospital. A collaborative, collegial environment is a great breeding ground for innovation and efficiency. In fact, the optimization model is so successful that we’re implementing it at another site in Indiana, Franciscan Health Lafayette East.

After touring the emergency department at CHS, I visited EmCare’s regional office in Indianapolis. There, I met with Joe Wynn, vice president of client administration; Brad Runge, director of client administration, and other members of EmCare’s support staff, who brought me up to speed on our Midwest operations.

Hearing from our non-clinical staff, those dedicated, talented folks who help support our clinicians and make sure functions like recruiting, finance, credentialing, business development and account maintenance are completed timely and accurately, enables me to understand all aspects of our operations and troubleshoot any issues that may exist. I’m grateful for the time the staff was able to spend with me. And, with Envision Health’s recent acquisition of Ann Arbor, Michigan-based EPMG, integrating and enhancing our Midwest operations is even more critical.

An intimate working dinner at a local steakhouse capped off my visit to the Hoosier State. It was a great trip, and a great steak!

I’m proud of the success that our clinicians are having in the field and the day-to-day efforts of our support staff. One by one, we’re all making healthcare work better.

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