Clinical Hot Topics: Keep the Probe on the Eye

Posted on Wed, Nov 19, 2014
Clinical Hot Topics: Keep the Probe on the Eye

Hosted by Al Sacchetti, MD, FACEP as moderator, Don’t Blink or You Will Miss It - Clinical Hot Topics can feel much like the “speed dating” of training presentations. The 12 hyper-paced presentations covered a wealth of information for the 2014 EmCare Leadership Conference attendees.  Each week, we’ll publish highlights from select clinical hot topics presented at the conference.

November is National Diabetes Month and Diabetic Eye Disease Month. 4.5 million Americans age 40 and older suffer from diabetic eye disease. 

Keep the Probe on the Eye
By Alice Tang, DO, ROMS

One of the best ways to look deeply into someone’s eyes may be by using ultrasound. This presentation shared how the ultrasound technique is being used to evaluate the eye and illustrate different ocular abnormalities. Many probes and techniques are available.

A few hot tips included in this presentation:

  • Place the probe on a closed eye with gel, use a lot of gel
  • Patient should direct gaze toward the probe
  • Use a kinetic exam
  • Scan in either or both sagittal and transverse planes
  • If you suspect ruptured globe, proceed with caution!

Participants learned how ultrasound can be an important tool in identifying and assessing ocular and orbital diseases. Specific conditions discussed included: retinal detachment, vitreous hemorrhage and ocular foreign body.

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