Specialty Training Program for APPs Wins Award for Innovation

Posted on Thu, May 18, 2017
Specialty Training Program for APPs Wins Award for Innovation

A new program is empowering emergency department advanced practice providers (APPs) to practice at the top of their license, which is helping enhance the delivery of care and improve productivity, job satisfaction and clinician turnover rates at collaborating Envision Physician Services facilities.

Lynden Pelbath, PA-C, MBA, regional director of APP services at Envision Physician Services, and Adam Brown, M.D., MBA, regional medical director at Envision Physician Services, developed the APP Skills, Training, Experience and Professional Credential (STEP) program. They are the recipients of Envision Physician Services’ prestigious 2017 Genesis Cup award.

“I am honored to receive the recognition and proud to have the opportunity to promote the successful development of APP programs,” Pelbath said. “Nurse practitioners, physician assistants and other advanced practice providers are essential to the healthcare system. When we perform the initial evaluation and advanced treatment on high-acuity patients presenting to the emergency department, we lessen the burden on physicians, improve operational efficiency and enhance the patient-caregiver experience.”

The Genesis Cup is an award for healthcare innovation presented each year by Envision Physician Services. Pelbath and Brown presented their award-winning APP STEP program, which prepares APPs to become expert emergency medicine caregivers, at the Envision Physician Services 2017 Annual Leadership Conference held in Las Vegas April 18-20.

In the emergency department, there are wide variances in APPs’ experience and capabilities. APP STEP is minimizing that gap. Providers first undergo a skills assessment for placement in one of the program’s three stages. Then, with the appropriate education and training, they advance through the program. In addition to leveraging on-site experience, the program requires advanced certification and continuing medical education training.

Together, Pelbath and Brown launched the pilot program at the beginning of 2015 at Sentara Northern Virginia Medical Center in Woodbridge, Va. Initially, nine APPs who primarily triaged and tended to patients with mild ailments and minor injuries participated in the program. Currently 21 APPS are providing the same level of care and are working in the intermediate care, acute care and observation units. Pelbath and Brown have since implemented the program in five additional Envision Physician Services sites throughout the north division with more than 50 APPs participating.

“We are committed to supporting our providers and equipping them with the tools they need to provide quality care,” Brown said. “APP STEP is easy to implement in all sites and hospital departments, and we find that our partnering facilities experience improved productivity and patient outcomes. I am extremely proud of what we have been able to accomplish and look forward to broadening the reach of the program.”

The Genesis Cup program recognizes and celebrates the creativity and innovation of everyday physicians as part of the company’s ongoing pursuit to improve the delivery of patient care. In addition to recognizing the inventor/innovator, the Genesis Cup acknowledges those involved in the initiative and the regional office supporting such endeavors.

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Ken Duncan
I'd like to learn more. Will this be expanding to other divisions?
5/23/2017 8:51:13 AM

Elsa Pearce
Great news, congratulations to the award winners. I would like to have this training opportunity. How can I find out more about it?
5/18/2017 12:05:17 PM

Elsa Pearce
Great news, congratulations to the award winners. I would like to have this trainning opportunity implemented in my area. How can I get more information?
5/18/2017 12:03:07 PM

Lisa Berra
Congrats Lynden on all of your hard work!!
5/18/2017 11:25:24 AM