Documentation Tip of the Week: Troponemia

Posted on Wed, May 13, 2015
Documentation Tip of the Week: Troponemia

Documentation tips for clinicians

Troponemia is a lab finding and is not a diagnosis. This lab finding is not benign. Surgical data demonstrates increased 30, 60 and 90 day mortality with elevated troponin associated with surgical procedures.
Documentation suggestions:

1) Not clinically relevant

  • Chronic Kidney Disease may be associated with elevation of troponin beyond the upper limits of normal, but the troponin level should remain relatively stable through the hospitalization.
  • If the troponin level increases or decreases through the hospitalization consider

2) Demand Ischemia
  • Does not code to an acute MI. Demand ischemia is due to supply demand mismatch.

3) NSTEMI type 2
  • This codes to an acute MI from a coding perspective.
  • Type 2 NSTEMI is also due to supply demand mismatch.
  • Associated with higher severity of illness 
  • Quality metrics tracked for AMI

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