In Case You Missed It: Week of May 30, 2014

Posted on Fri, May 30, 2014

“In Case You Missed It” is a weekly roundup of popular healthcare headlines.

Tips you can use: Medical Director, Harry "Tripp" Wingate, MD and Shayne Middleton, RN, In Case You Missed ItRDCS describe the process used at EMH ED to “flip” the complaint to compliment ratio – a crude measure of customer service performance in a rural ED. Click to read more.

Measles Hits Amish Communities, and U.S. Cases Reach 20-Year High. Members of Amish communities in Ohio traveled to the Philippines for heartfelt reasons: they were there on...continue to

Time to rein in opiates in the hospital? Twenty years ago, pain management experts chided physicians for being... See more at

The Case for Dropping MU Stages 2 and 3. Physicians are lining up against Meaningful Use. Read more of Dale Sanders' article on

Managing Unhappy Patients After Surgery. The idea behind surgery is a really simple one: You come to me with a specific problem, I fix it, you go away happy. And when here to read Dr. Sid Schwab's post on
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