Finding the Magic Number

Posted on Wed, Mar 04, 2015
Finding the Magic Number

As a relatively new specialty, hospitalist staffing levels are still a bit of a mystery to many hospital administrators. Get it right, and your hospital can benefit from the valuable care coordination in the inpatient units and smooth patient flow throughout the hospital system. Get it wrong, and  you could find yourself unable to retain physicians, with increased length of stay or deteriorating core measures causing patient care to suffer.

In a new white paper, EmCare’s Nathan Goldfein, MD,  takes the mystery out of hospitalist staffing by providing a way to objectively quantify demand. Taking a broader view of hospitalist services can help hospitals and staffing companies have a more accurate frame of reference for staffing. It reengineers staffing calculations from “patients per hospitalist” to a productivity measure based on the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services Relative Value Units (RVU) or “hospitalists per weighted RVU.”

The methods proposed in this white paper take into account billable minutes, working minutes and total minutes to provide a real-world approach to hospitalist staffing plans. Optimized staffing plans can result in improvements in case mix index, reductions in length of stay, and decreases in readmissions. Such potential for impact is worthy of insightful review.

Read  “Find the Magic Number:  How Many Hospitalists Do You Need?”

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