In Case You Missed It

Posted on Fri, Jun 26, 2015
In Case You Missed It

Our weekly round-up of headlines from around healthcare

Making the Best Decision for Your New Practice-- Vista blog

Put The Phone Away-- You're Having an Operation-- General Surgery News

The Algorhythm Will See You Now-- The Incidental Economist

House of Cards-iology-- ACP Hospitalist

The Art of Decision Making- Emergency Medicine Stye-- emDocs

The Patient Is Dying, Please Call the Chaplain-- MDLinx

Fight and Bite Coding-- The Central Line

Laugh Like a Kid Again-- Edwin Leap

On Any Given Sunday-- Gasclass

Let's Consign Shared Hospital Rooms to the Dustbin of Healthcare History-- ACP Hospitalist

In Case You Missed It-- check back every week! 

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