Leader Profile: Ray Iannaccone, MD, FACEP, FACHE

Posted on Thu, Jun 11, 2015
Leader Profile: Ray Iannaccone, MD, FACEP, FACHE

On Feb. 27, 2015, EmCare purchased Emergency Medical Associates (EMA), a physician-owned practice headquartered in Parsippany, N.J. The company provides emergency medicine, hospital medicine and urgent care services at 47 facilities in New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Pennsylvania and Rhode Island. Raymond Iannaccone, MD, FACEP, FACHE, EMA’s former president and CEO, has been named President of EmCare. We recently sat down with Dr. Iannaccone to learn more about him and his vision for EmCare and its newly created Partners Group division.

Q: Why did Emergency Medical Associates (EMA) choose to partner with EmCare?

A: EMA’s Board of Directors and Executive Team had developed a strategic plan over the preceding year to help guide the company’s growth. The plan included several imperatives that we needed to achieve over a short period of time. As we were discussing how best to meet these goals, we recognized that the world of healthcare was changing. Consolidation among hospitals, providers and payors was now the norm. It was the right time for us to look for a partner to help us get to where we needed to be. Envision seemed to have already reached a lot of the same conclusions  about the future of the industry because the company was already developing and even executing on solutions to achieve those goals, particularly regarding population health. It was the best fit for our practice because we shared the same vision.

Q: EMA and Scottsdale Emergency Associates (SEA) have joined forces to create a new division in EmCare, one that seeks to maintain many of the same benefits that physician-owned practices, or democratic practices, enjoy. How do you see this division fitting into EmCare’s current culture?

A: Our division was designed to maintain the environment we created at EMA and SEA so that we can continue to function similar to physician-owned practices.  Our organization and culture led us to high levels of physician engagement, which in turn has been the key to our high-quality care and high levels of retention of quality clinicians and client hospitals. EmCare leadership is committed to facilitating and enhancing physician engagement within EmCare, and we believe the Partners Group can help advance this goal by bringing a new set of eyes and a different approach to this important company-wide initiative.  For example, in the Partners Group, we will continue to operate under the oversight of a Practice Affairs Committee (PAC), which provides a mechanism for all physicians in the division to have a say in the major decisions that will affect the group. PAC members will be elected by the division’s physicians and will represent the demographics of the group, including its geographically diverse locations and varied specialties (emergency medicine, hospital medicine, urgent care, and others in the future). Among the many functions of the PAC is the responsibility for developing new and better ways for delivering care, including sharing best practices and researching new technologies; and finding ways to make our worksites run more efficiently, particularly through the use of advanced practice providers, scribes, technology and process improvement.  Of course the PAC will regularly coordinate with EmCare national leadership and EmCare as a whole as we all seek to facilitate the exchange of ideas and best practices.

Q: You were recently named President of EmCare. Please explain your role and what you hope to accomplish.

A: EmCare has grown exponentially over the last few years. Due to this growth, the company’s senior leadership had been stretched thin. Now, the company’s operations are overseen by a four-person team led by Todd Zimmerman, the CEO of EmCare.  Jason Standifird, CFO; David Marks, COO; and I report to Todd and make up the executive team of EmCare. The division of labor and Todd’s collaborative leadership style will enable us to better coordinate resources, share best practices and support our clinicians.

I hope to be a useful and effective member of a very talented senior leadership team. I bring the physicians’ perspective to the table, which, when married with the operational, financial and business acumen of the team, will lead to higher standards in quality, productivity, efficiency and satisfaction – both patient and provider. It’s an exciting time for the company!

Q: You were in the United States Navy. How did your time in the Navy prepare you for a career in healthcare?

A: EmCare is about 10 times the size of EMA, but the Navy is many times the size of EmCare. The Navy showed me how to lead teams in a large organization. It taught me self-discipline, organization, communication, how to create systems and processes, and how to manage remotely.  I learned the critical value of investing in and communicating with front-line operational leaders. Perhaps most importantly, I learned that no one ever leads absolutely, and following is not a mindless activity. We all lead and follow at the same time. I learned that a highly effective organization needs to have autonomous, engaged and empowered people who can function within a largely, yet never completely structured and standardized system. It’s all in the balance.

Q: What professional accomplishment are you most proud of at this point in your career?

A: It’s difficult to compare professional accomplishments in the business and clinical arenas.  It’s hard to top how rewarding an experience practicing medicine can be – saving a life, making a difficult diagnosis, comforting a patient when he or she is feeling vulnerable and scared. Aside from my clinical accomplishments, I’m most proud of being able to shepherd EMA through its tremendous growth over the last 7 years and being able to forge a partnership with EmCare while preserving what made our practice great and our physicians happy. EmCare is a terrific company, and I’m proud to be its President.

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Bob Donaldson, NP-C
What a wonderful opportunity for us all within this newly combined organization. We at the Ellenville Regional Hospital in upstate NY are new to both organizations, but we see great opportunity in this collaboration. When I first met him, it was he that went out of his way to make connection. Clearly making sure that the door was open for clear communication. With Ray's vision and good opinion of nurse practitioners and physician assistants, I am sure we will see an ever expanding role for these providers as our organization continues to grow.
6/17/2015 10:32:28 AM