EMS Assurance: New Service Benefits Community EMS Directors

Posted on Tue, Jun 10, 2014

by: Jennifer Whitus EmCare Marketing Communications Manager

mellMany physicians affiliated with EmCare hold a second designation – that of EMS director within their local communities. EmCare’s newly-announced EMS Assurance will launch in early 2014 and will provide a comprehensive, affordable solution for community EMS directors, whether or not they are currently affiliated with EmCare. EMS Assurance will be overseen by Dr. Howard Mell, who will serve in the role of EMS Medical Director.

“EMS Assurance supports emergency physicians in overseeing local EMS agencies and those serving in a first-response capacity,” said Dr. Mell.

Community EMS directors provide critical oversight and medical direction to ensure that effective emergency medical care is provided to millions of patients throughout the U.S. In addition to providing medical oversight and direction, EMS medical directors support EMS personnel and first responders through training, protocol development and review, and resource deployment advice. EMS Assurance will provide a vast suite of support and resources that have previously been unavailable. EMS Assurance’s suite of services includes:

• Hundreds of medically reviewed/approved protocols

• Review and consultation regarding newly proposed protocols

• Risk management services

• Billing services associated with collection of EMS director fees

• Education and networking (annual conference)

• “A”-rated medical malpractice insurance

EMS-imageEMS image“EmCare-affiliated physicians serving as EMS directors in their communities need access to all of the services offered by EMS Assurance – protocols, risk management, billing/collection services, education and malpractice insurance – at one time or another,” said Dr. Rebecca Parker, executive vice president for EmCare’s North Division. “At EmCare, we want to empower our affiliated physicians to take on more EMS director roles, thereby improving service to communities nationwide. Through EMS Assurance, EmCare is providing physicians the resources and coverage they need to take on that new role with confidence.”

EMS is now a recognized subspecialty Board of the American Board of Emergency Medicine (ABEM). ABEM has officially acknowledged that effectively directing EMS operations requires a specific knowledge base and skill set.

“It is EmCare’s mission to make healthcare work better,” said Todd Zimmerman, CEO of EmCare. “Since EMS directors are a critical part of the healthcare system, we want to offer the very best support possible – for medical professionals who practice both inside and outside of the EmCare system.”

For more information about EMS Assurance, visit or email Dr. Mell email at

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