Adventures of a Floating Physician: Hello, from the Ohio Valley!

Posted on Mon, Jun 10, 2013
Adventures of a Floating Physician: Hello, from the Ohio Valley!

Find out where EmCare's Float Physician is practicing in the latest installment of "Adventures of a Floating Physician."

Greetings from The Ohio River Valley!  Currently, I am writing this posting from the banks of the Great Ohio River, just north of the small town of Toronto, Ohio.  Why here?  Well, it's a beautiful area, friendly people, very quiet and watching the activity on the river is interesting. It's a great way to unwind after a long shift.

I just left a trip for work on the shore of New Jersey, at a hospital I have been covering for years.  Since Hurricane Sandy wrecked havoc on this, and many other communities like this southern New Jersey area, I have been watching the rebuilding process take shape.  Although it will take years to "complete," I have seen steady progress in the restoration of rebuilding homes and businesses.  What wasn't affected by this storm, however, was the sense of community these residents feel, and their determination to get their community and beaches back to where they once were.

Working the shifts I covered in Manahawkin, NJ, there was no difference in the treatments or diagnoses in comparison to my other sites. What was different, however, was hearing the stories of these resilient folks, many of whom still are homeless and fighting to survive. 

Many of us have long forgotten Hurricane Sandy. But, I was given a humble reminder that so many who were affected are still struggling to make it day by day, even though the TV outletshave stopped posting footage of this area for the nation to see.

I dedicate this posting to the many countless thousands along the Eastern seaboard in New Jersey and New York whose lives were disrupted by this massive storm, but whose resilience is reflective of the American spirit.  Helping to continue to deliver emergency medical care to these folks is gratifying and humbling.

Dr. McGann is a regular contributor for EmCare’s blog. He is a Board certified physician in Emergency Medicine.  He began working as a regional float physician for the North Division of EmCare almost 10 years ago, and still operates in that capacity today.  He is licensed in 12 states, with one more currently pending approval.  He is poised and ready to fill in where necessary to assure that EmCare-contracted shifts are always covered. Connect with Kevin on LinkedIn!


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