Featured Clinician: Brian Haas, MD

Posted on Wed, Jul 06, 2016
Featured Clinician: Brian Haas, MD

The heart and soul of our practice are our clinicians. Meet Brian Haas, MD, hospitalist at Centerpoint Hospital in Independence, Mo.

Years with EmCare: 3.5 years

Years practicing medicine: 8.5 (including Residency)

Why did you decide to become a doctor? Why did you choose your specialty? I decided to become a doctor after I was told that I had a heart condition during my senior year sports physical in high school. I was initially told I was not allowed to do anything strenuous, until more testing had been done. I remember being terrified and wishing that I understood more of what was going on. At that point I decided that I needed to become a doctor so that I could understand myself as well as to help others to be less afraid than I had been.

What career did you want to pursue when you were younger? As a child I thought that I was going to be a teacher. Between college and medical school I was a long-term English substitute teacher.

Describe one of your greatest professional accomplishments. I won a national medicine/pediatric poster presentation and was given a certificate at the national AAP convention in San Francisco in October 2010.

What is in the pockets of your lab coat? Some of our new Bio Cards; they help the patients understand who is taking care of them. It has my picture on it.

What would be your ideal category on “Jeopardy”? Famous Swimmers in History

How do you stay organized at work? By taking each task as it comes and finishing it once I start, and not putting it off.

What are your tips for “leaving work at work” and not getting burned out professionally? I make sure that before I leave that all of the work is done. I don’t want to have a chart hanging over my head while I am off.

How are you “making healthcare work better”? I continue to try to get to know our emergency medicine colleagues better. I want to make sure that the patients who are admitted are well taken care of and that the transition is as smooth as possible. I feel that through personal relationship building of the providers we will be better suited to take care of patients.

What’s the best advice you’ve received about work or life? Enjoy your work. You spend more than 50% of your life there you better enjoy it.

What do you enjoy outside of work? I love spending time with my family, running, biking and swimming when there is time.

What’s your favorite inspirational quote? “There is no substitution for hard work.” –Thomas Edison

What qualities make a successful doctor? Interpersonal skills. I enjoy spending time at the bedside. I don’t have a problem holding someone’s hand when I have to give them bad news, or to give them a high five when there is good news.

How would your co-workers describe you? My colleagues would describe me as boisterous, energetic and always wearing a ridiculously large smile.

Tell us something that most people at work don't know about you. I taught myself to juggle in hopes of entertaining my daughter when she was six months old ... she wasn’t impressed.

If you could have dinner with anyone, living or historical, who would you choose and why? I would need a dinner party with Will Ferrell, Paul Rudd and Chris Farley, and of course my wife. I can’t imagine a more entertaining evening with four of the most hilarious people in the world.

What’s the most interesting place that you’ve been? Green Sand Beach on the island of Hawaii.  The sand really is green!

What are you currently reading? "Leading Change," by John P. Kotter. It was a recommended read at the Pillars conference.

What’s your favorite TV show? Game of Thrones - Are there other TV shows?

What personal accomplishment are you most proud of? My family, because they make life worth living. They inspire me to greatness.  I always want to set the example for my daughter, that she can do anything and she can do it with a smile on her face.

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