Hardwiring Hospital-Wide Flow

Posted on Thu, Jul 02, 2015
Hardwiring Hospital-Wide Flow

Hardwiring Hospital-Wide Flow To Drive Competitive Performance
Thursday, July 9, 2015   |   2:00PM - 3:00PM  EDT
Presented by Thom Mayer, MD, FACEP, FAAP and Kirk Jensen, MD, MBA, FACEP, authors of “Hardwiring Flow” and “The Patient Flow Advantage”
Faster, friendlier, better service! We all want it.  At a restaurant, it means your food is delivered with a smile, piping hot, and perfectly in line with its preparation time.  You love to go to those restaurants because you know they are providing this excellent service just for you.  Of course it doesn’t hurt the restaurant’s business to give you great service. When you get your meal quicker, you finish your meal quicker and you leave quicker opening up that table for the next guest. It’s a win-win.
The same applies to healthcare and specifically a hospital emergency department. People enter the emergency department needing fast, friendly, quality service that treats their injury or illness and gets them on their way … or gets them into the hospital for further evaluation and treatment of more complex and serious conditions.  But, sometimes, there are just no open beds either in the ED or the inpatient units, and those patients who walked in the emergency department doors are simply not going to get the timely service they need or that you would like to give them. 
 Dr. Thom Mayer and Dr. Kirk Jensen know the challenges all too well.  With decades of experience in emergency medicine, clinical leadership and process improvement, they have uncovered the issues that result in slow patient flow. And, they have found the keys to addressing these issues with a deep sense of clarity and purpose. 
In the upcoming webinar, Hardwiring Hospital-Wide Flow To Drive Competitive Performance, Jensen and Mayer share their secrets for streamlining processes, changing behaviors, and achieving sustainable advances in hardwiring flow throughout your hospital system.
The presentation will help you distinguish value versus waste, moving from concept to execution, and their 7 successful strategies for hardwiring flow. The webinar will include a discussion of measuring and acting on demand capacity issues and will highlight common bottlenecks that can kill your hospital flow.  They will outline the initiatives that have consistently supported improvements in hospital flow including an in-depth look at triage processes.   You will walk through the process from the patient’s perspective, complete with a discussion of the psychology of waiting.  Then, they jump right into assessments of various approaches to flow.  They close the session with an intense discussion on changing physician behavior, engaging physicians, using data to achieve goals, coaching and mentoring and holding people accountable.
This event is free. You can register here.

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