In Case You Missed It: Week of July 25, 2014

Posted on Fri, Jul 25, 2014

“In Case You Missed It” is a weekly roundup of popular [icymi]  healthcare headlines.

Ace your meetings with these tips! Some administrators feel their entire day is filled with nothing but meetings ... click here to continue reading.

Has Patient Satisfaction Gone Too Far? — The Case for Jerks in Healthcare. "Among healthcare leaders, there has been a call to arms of sorts, which has swelled over the last five or so years, to rid medicine of, well, jerks. >> continue reading on

Discovered by Dr. Howie Mell! "The availability of concentrated caffeine powders may mean that we will be seeing more cases of significant overdose. Here are some key take-home points from the discussion - See more here:

Discovered by Dr. Michael Lozano! Physician Leadership Development Hinges on Communication. Read the entire post on 

Discovered by Dr. Michael Lozano! How to End Disruptive Behavior that Compromises Patient Safety. "When faced with disruptive behavior, managers at hospitals and other healthcare facilities often will brush it under the rug. They're reluctant to ..." continue at >>

VIDEO! Dr. Al Sacchetti, along with two surprise guests, tell you what to expect when he hosts Day 3:Session 1of  Essentials of EM 2014 in November.

For more information about EEM 2014, visit their website. 


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