Famous Face Praises Tucson Medical Center for Providing Quality Care during a Health Scare!

Posted on Thu, Jul 17, 2014

Actor Thomas Haden Church well-known for his role in the popular 90’s sitcom, Wings, recently praised the team at Tucson Medical Center, for the role they played in his recovery from pneumonia. Church contracted pneumonia from propane exposure during a film shoot. The Tucson team “really pulled me out of a bad situation,” Church said.

Tucson Medical Center is also the facility that boasts the winner of EmCare’s 2014 Commitment to Care Award for Emergency Medicine, Dr. Richard Rosenthal. You Learn more about what makes  Dr. Rosenthal and the Tucson Medical Center so special, here.

Congratulations Tucson Medical Center for another instance of quality care!

Watch the clip below to see Church give kudos to the Tucson Medical Center team!

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