In Case You Missed It

Posted on Fri, Jan 22, 2016
In Case You Missed It

Our weekly round up of healthcare headlines.

Getting more work done in 5 hours than others do in 12: Why some CEOs question traditional 'time management' - Becker's Hospital Review

Young People After Obamacare: Some ER Visits Down, Others Way Up - American College of Emergency Physicians

Physicians less likely than other health professionals to be divorced - Harvard Medical School

Patterns in Prescription Utilization for High-Deductible Health Plan Enrollees Show Concerning Trends - American Journal of Managed Care

Doctors grieve too: A lesson I did not learn in medical school - KevinMD

CDC, ACP Issue Guideline on Antibiotic Use for RTIs - Medscape

Accelerating MR Imaging Liver Steatosis Measurement Using Combined Compressed Sensing and Parallel Imaging: A Quantitative Evaluation - Radiology

Back To The Future? Redesigning Healthcare To Meet The Needs Of Our Sickest Patients - Forbes

Off to the Races — Maximizing the PA Role to Fill Healthcare Gaps - NEJM Journal Watch

Documenting OR Efficiency and Delays Can Pinpoint Savings - Anesthesiology News

Superbug infections caused by medical scope shed light on regulatory issues: 5 observations - Becker's GI & Endoscopy

Where are the Women? A Discussion about Female Speakers at Emergency Medicine Conferences - FemInEM

CMS is 'struggling' to communicate benefit of ACOs - Modern Healthcare

For Hospitals, Treating Violence Beyond The ER Is Good Medicine And Good Business - Kaiser Health News

In case you missed it, check back next week!

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