App Puts ED-Hospitalist Collaboration in the Palm of Your Hand

Posted on Thu, Dec 03, 2015
App Puts ED-Hospitalist Collaboration in the Palm of Your Hand

By Nathan Goldfein, MD

When physicians have the right tools in hand to manage administrative tasks, they can devote more of their attention to their patients.

EmCare’s Rapid Admission Process and Gap Orders™ (RAP&GO™) software leverages technology to improve administrative interactions between physicians, which can expedite patient care and improve hospital flow. This software now is available as an app for Apple and Android devices.

This app helps reduce patient-handoff delays because many of the time-consuming tasks associated with handoffs – calling, tracking and follow-up – are managed via the app, not on paper or with additional manpower.

Features include:

  • Up-to-the-minute patient census, and status on patients during the ED disposition and admission process
  • Easy clinician communication and collaboration
  • Bridge orders placed with the click of a button
  • Support for establishing and hardwiring your lean process
  • Access to relevant admission information for expedited patient transition
  • Notifications, follow-up and escalation messages
  • Bottleneck identification through measuring and reporting trends
  • Expedited billing with one touch
  • Reports to identify and streamline bottlenecks
  • Secure texting/communication between nursing/case managers/physicians

In addition to the admission and communications functions, RAP&GO supports hospitalists’ efficiency throughout the patient’s stay, offering a  charge capture function, a rounding list generator, cross-coverage identification, patient locator and a priority a.m. discharge tool.

Collectively, implementation of RAP&GO has led hospitals to improve patient throughput, reducing ED boarding and consequently the rate of patients Leaving With Out Treatment (LWOT).

The app helps organize and direct communication not only between physicians, but throughout all hospital departments involved in the patient flow process. Everyone associated with coordinating a hospital admission and moving patients more rapidly through the admission process can use the app.

Because the app enables emergency physicians to provide the information needed by hospitalists, it expedites decision-making and throughput. And, it reduces the amount of time physicians and nurses spend on administrative tasks.

“RAP&GO has enhanced the clinical collaboration between our ED service and the inpatient service at my site,” explained Jose Yongco, MD, the interim medical director for hospital medicine at a client hospital in California.
The ability for a hospitalist to review the patient's clinical record before calling the ED regarding an admission or consultation has streamlined the discussion between the services regarding patient disposition, according to Dr. Yongco.
“Our nursing and ancillary staff loves it as it’s eliminated the ‘phone tag’ that used to happen regarding patient bed and unit assignment,” said Dr. Yongco “Because we can track patient throughput from the ED to the hospital floor in real time, we’re able to accurately pinpoint inefficiencies in the process for more effective intervention."

Another physician familiar with the app is Sachin Jain, MD, medical director for hospital medicine at a client hospital in Illinois.

“Data is a powerful tool for monitoring results and instigating change. The app makes collecting data easier for physicians, which makes analyzing the data easier for me,” said Dr. Jain. “I have access to all of the reports I need to be effective in my administrative role, including reports about the department as well as each physician.”

Dr. Jain said he can look at readmission, RVUs or length of stay by physician and identify outliers so the team can work together to improve patient care quality. He’s also able to share timely information with the hospital’s CEO.

For Michael Boren, MD, a hospital medicine site medial director in Arizona, it all comes down to saving time.

“Capturing billing information used to take 30 minutes a day and it felt like a major burden. Now it takes less than 10 minutes to code the billing for 20 patients,” said Dr. Boren. Dr. Boren said it didn’t take long for his team of 25 physicians to be proficient at using the app – another plus.

For more information about the RAP&GO app and other EmCare technologies, visit the Technology section of our website.

Nathan Goldfein

Nathan Goldfein, M.D., is Vice President of Operations with EmCare Hospital Medicine and the director of the Hospital Medicine program at Gerald Champion Regional Medical Center in Alamogordo, N.M. Dr. Goldfein graduated from the University of Arizona College of Medicine in 2005 and finished his residency in internal / hospital medicine at the University of New Mexico in 2008. His undergraduate degree is in mechanical engineering and manufacturing. Prior to pursuing medical school, Dr. Goldfein worked in manufacturing, experience which provides him an exceptional understanding of how to mix business, technology and medicine to create the best experiences and outcomes for patients while improving process efficiency and physician satisfaction. He holds more than eight patents and is the inventor of more than 100 additional products and programs.

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