Get to Know our Clinician of the Month: Ginger Wirth

Posted on Tue, Aug 26, 2014

EmCare has more than 10,000 clinicians serving communities across the country and we want to share their stories with you. Beginning in August, you can get to know these hard-working, difference-makers right here with our monthly “Clinician of the Month” blog post. Do you know a clinician who should be featured? Email!

Ginger Wirth joined EmCare in 2013 as a Divisional Director of Clinical Services for the South gingerwirth-ddcs.jpg Division with the strong belief that she could continue to make positive changes within healthcare by helping others focus on quality, excellence and the overall patient experience.

She regards her role as Director of Clinical Services as the ideal opportunity to partner with nursing, physician and facility leaders to make positive changes to the entire patient care experience. Her 20+ year nursing career has been dedicated to quality and excellence, promoting overall positive outcomes and safety for patients.

Get to know Ginger!

  1. Proudest moment during your career? I actually took care of a young mother who was recently post-partum and having severe complications.  I took care of her for several hours prior to having to go back to surgery (over 5 hours) and to this day she still sends me a Christmas card with pictures of her family and how it has grown over the years.  She says that I was “her angel” and without my care she would not have been alive to raise her son and now her 2 other children.  She has even gone to the trouble of making sure she had my address when I moved from California to South Carolina.  It is amazing to see her children grow up (in pictures) and to see her family so blessed!
  2. I hope my patients remember me as: a nurse that was caring, compassionate and made a difference in their lives.
  3. The one piece of healthcare advice I wish everyone would follow is: in order to make a difference in patients’ lives, you have to take care of yourself~ personally, professionally and physically!
  4. What are the most promising tools, technologies, processes that you think will drive the future of healthcare?  I believe that the biggest driver for healthcare today will be making sure that we never forget to go back to the basics.  Make sure we are not getting caught up in technology, and forget the humanity of healthcare!
  5. Describe your best day on the job.  Being able to take care of patients that really need help makes every day a “best” day!  I also feel very lucky to be working at EmCare and to be able to go into client hospitals and share best practices, provide consultations on flow and processes and to be able to take home some of their “wins” and connect with others all over the country. 


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