Adventures of a Floating Physician: Hello from Northeast Pennsylvania!

Posted on Thu, Aug 28, 2014
Adventures of a Floating Physician: Hello from Northeast Pennsylvania!

Things have been really busy at EmCare’s North division this year.  We have had several new [physician]  contracts, and an important part of my position as a Regional Float is to help open these contracts and provide much needed transitional staffing.  One of the personal challenges I face is being one of the first physicians through the doors of a new contract, and helping the staff and administration acclimate to the new ER group that will be helping to care for their community.

To many, the idea of having repeated “first days” at work would be intimidating, I enjoy meeting new people and getting to know them, work next to and with them, and caring for patients in different communities.  While the patients’ chief complaints tend to be similar from hospital to hospital, it is the person that you are treating that is unique.  Discovering these regional differences among my patients is quite refreshing.

The Regional Float position is a unique one for EmCare.  It’s true that it is a demanding position because of what it entails, but the rewards are many.  Several of our long-time floats have decided to return to full-time positions at one institution, but the decision was made easier by the experiences they gained from floating through the facility they chose.  They were much more at ease with their decision because they knew the institution quite well before accepting the position.  Talk about a smooth transition! 

 I am not encouraging becoming a float for the sole purpose of searching for your next full-time post; I am encouraging floating because it is a unique experience that has the potential of showing you a side of Emergency Medicine that many do not see during their training or early careers.

Next for me, I have a new contract to open beginning soon.  This one is in eastern Ohio and I am looking forward to it.  First Days always brings the challenges of new names and faces, but, I embrace it.  With easy access to Pittsburgh, Youngstown, and Cleveland, I’m seeing several baseball games in my near future!  Wish me luck at my new hospital!

dr-mcgann-resized-600.jpg Dr. McGann is a regular contributor for EmCare’s blog. He is a Board certified physician in Emergency Medicine.  He began working as a regional float physician for the North Division of EmCare almost 10 years ago, and still operates in that capacity today.  He is licensed in 12 states, with one more currently pending approval.  He is poised and ready to fill in where necessary to assure that EmCare-contracted shifts are always covered. Connect with Kevin on LinkedIn!

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