Adventures of a Floating Physician

Posted on Mon, Apr 29, 2013

dr-mcgann-resized-600.jpgby Kevin McGann, DO

Many of us chose the profession of “emergency medicine physician” because of the choices in lifestyle that it allows.  To each of us, “lifestyle” has different meanings.  For some, this allows for scheduled time with family and friends.  For others, it means starting or expanding your family.

My name is Kevin McGann.  I chose emergency medicine for many of those same reasons.  But, for me, the long journey I have embarked on has taken me to a very different kind of adventure.  I am a full-time float physician.  Unfamiliar with the term?  Well, allow me to introduce you!

This month, for instance, I traveled to the states of West Virginia, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and even rounded things off in the state I call home, New Jersey.  In each city, I spend a few days covering shifts in places that really needed some extra help.  You see, that is what I do.  I am the guy that gets the call to support hospitals that have a scheduling need.

The month of March started off with a short string of shifts in Washington, PA.  This small Western Pennsylvania town is a booming suburb of Pittsburgh.  This location provided opportunities to visit sites like The Andy Warhol Museum, The Carnegie Science Center, or Point State Park.  My favorite was my visit to Fort Duquesne—the history of this place is amazing.

I chose to work steady night shifts, and they were busy.  The hospital boasts a modern Emergency Department, the medical staff and nursing staff are excellent and my time there was challenging, but fun.

With another adventure over, I’m off to spend much needed time at home where I’m greeted enthusiastically by my wife and my four-legged princess. It’s good to be home.

After some much needed time off, I get packed up for another trip.  This time, I’m headed to Cleveland.  Nestled right at the base of Lake Erie, the bustling town is quite a charmer.  Despite its reputation of avid sports fans (boy, these folks do NOT like Pittsburgh fans), they are very hospitable and fun.

After a few nights of this, I am back on a plane, flying home to warm smiles, a meal with friends and, of course, more play time with “the four-legged princess.’’

This is my life.  I love the adventure, the variety, and the opportunity to have control over my professional life.  I am just finishing up some R & R at home, but my flight to Columbus, Ohio leaves in a few hours.  Stay tuned for my next post when I’ll fill you in on what this southern Ohio town has to offer.

Gotta go!

dr-mcgann-resized-600-(1).jpgDr. McGann is a regular contributor for EmCare’s blog. He is a Board certified physician in Emergency Medicine.  He began working as a regional float physician for the North Division of EmCare almost 10 years ago, and still operates in that capacity today.  He is licensed in 12 states, with one more currently pending approval.  He is poised and ready to fill in where necessary to assure that EmCare-contracted shifts are always covered.

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