EmCare's Direct Admit System for Hospitals

When a hospital adopts EmCare’s new proprietary online admission tool, Direct Admit System for Hospitals (DASH), local physicians can use the online app to direct admit their patients to that hospital. Hospitals that use DASH have found it improves efficiency in admissions resulting in better service to patients, improved relationships with local physicians and improved hospital performance.

DASH provides an integrated environment for coordination of patient care and improved metrics. It enables automated two-way communications between community-based physicians and hospital staff to dramatically simplify and expedite the process of admitting a patient. Its automated functions can be accessed and activated either from a PC or a mobile app.

How DASH Works

Developed by a group of primary care physicians, this revolutionary new tool is optimized to make admissions as easy as 1-2-3.

  1. CLICK - The referring physician clicks the DASH button, and the Direct Admit Form appears on the screen.
  2. COMPLETE - Filling in the patient’s details, the user takes just two to four minutes to complete the Direct Admit Form.
  3. CONFIRM - Admission is confirmed within minutes of completing the form, and a Hospital Boarding Pass is then issued to the patient in the physician’s office.

Community-based physicians wishing to admit a patient to the hospital simply click the DASH button attached to their computer and enter some basic information. Once submitted, the admitting hospitalists and the hospital bed coordinators at the sponsoring hospital receive an admit alert via their smartphone or other device. Hospitalists, bed coordinators and administrators are connected, moving the patient through the admission process.

Metrics at the Click of a Button

DASH delivers powerful metrics to help hospitals improve their processes and enhance patient satisfaction. Some of the metrics included are:

  • Click-to-bed time
  • Physician acceptance rate
  • Most common referring facilities
  • Most common referring physicians
  • Most common diagnosis
  • Marketing strategy analysis
  • Hospital referral analysis
  • Hospital throughput analysis

At EmCare, we pride ourselves in providing our clients secure, stable and scalable solutions. DASH users describe the system as “surprisingly convenient,” “revolutionary” and “beyond compare.”


Leading hospitals have employed DASH to achieve these impressive results*:

  • Increased referrals as much as 27 percent from existing sources by converting splitters
  • Reduced phone calls required to complete a direct admission by over 90 percent
  • Reduced time to generate a direct admit form to 3 minutes
  • Captured actual key performance metrics like bed assignment time to increase operational efficiencies

*Actual results may vary.

Calculate Potential Increase in Direct Admissions at Your Hospital

Are you curios about the potential impact of increased annual direct admissions at your health system? Use our direct admissions impact calculator for a quick estimate.

Direct Admissions Impact Calculator>

FAQ about DASH Implementation

Our admission process may be a bit different than what’s stated on your website. Can we have DASH fully map to our current business process?

Absolutely! We expect each hospital or division of hospitals to have its own admission process. We can work with your staff to ensure DASH is customized to meet your exact needs.

How much responsibility and overhead does my IT department have to take on if we implement DASH?

The short answer is none. The DASH App is “software-as-a-service.” Your IT department may wish to get involved in the pilot or assessment phase, but post-implementation, any support or technical issues related to DASH are directly routed to our Support Desk.

Is DASH HIPAA compliant?

We take patient privacy seriously and are dedicated to ensuring that your data is protected and your patient information is secure. Our solutions adhere to higher standards than are required by HIPAA regulations. HIPAA Compliance is combination of technology and business practices. Our technology controls include encryption of data in motion as well as at rest, multiple user access levels with unique system identifiers as well as backup and redundancy measures. Our business practice controls include strong privacy policies, individual training sessions to convey best practices to our end-users and restrictions on reports based on user access and level.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any specific questions regarding compliance.

Find Out More...

To learn more about how DASH can help you earn the loyalty of your referral sources, contact us toll-free at 855.878.7326.


EmTV 53 - DASH Video


Watch the video to learn how DASH works to help hospitalists strengthen relationships with area physicians.