Why Nurse Practitioners Choose EmCare


From cutting-edge tools and resources to mentoring and leadership opportunities, nurse practitioners who join EmCare enjoy a high-quality of practice supported by a physician-led company and some of the most respected thought leaders in the industry.

Above-market compensation and flexible benefits are complemented with robust onsite and web-based educational programs, including regional Advanced Practice Provider Academies and participation for nurse practitioner leadership in our annual multi-specialty leadership academy.

If you are a nurse practitioner without prior emergency medicine experience, who is looking to work in the fast track of an emergency department, we even have a comprehensive training program designed just for you. Based out of our Southern Division, this program provides the necessary didactic and skills labs to enable you, upon completion, to work in the fast track of the emergency department.

EmCare recognizes the integral role that nurse practitioners play in today’s healthcare arena. Our nurse practitioners benefit from both mentorship and leadership opportunities.

If you have a passion for delivering high-quality, compassionate patient care, we encourage you to explore our coast-to-coast career opportunities.


Find the Practice Environment Which Best Suits Your Clinical Preference(s):

  • Academic Medical Centers
  • Community Hospitals
  • Urban Medical Centers
  • Emergency Medicine
  • Inpatient Medicine
  • Rural Hospitals
  • Primary Care
  • Mobile Integrated Health (MIH)
  • Observation Center
  • Surgery
  • Urgent Care Centers


EmCare is a national leader in employing nurse practitioners in the emergency department. Whether working in the main section of the emergency department or the fast track, nurse practitioners who work for EmCare are respected members of the emergency department team.

Observation Medicine/Rapid Discharge Unit

Spend more time with patients on a longitudinal basis while developing the knowledge base and skills necessary to manage, treat and disposition patients independently, with remote supervision at your fingertips when needed.


Provide high-quality inpatient care in an environment which allows for more face time with patients while being a part of the inpatient care team.


Medicine is evolving at a rapid rate and EmCare, through our relationship with Evolution Health, part of the Envision Healthcare Family, is leading the development of population health management. Recognizing the key role nurse practitioners play, we have created unique practice opportunities.

Mobile Integrated Health (MIH)

Work at the top of your license at a variety of alternate settings (e.g. patient homes & skilled nursing facilities) while both providing and coordinating state-of-the art patient care. This is the perfect position for a nurse practitioner who is looking for enhanced autonomy, flexible scheduling and who wants to be part of an innovative approach to real-time population health. Additionally, you will have a seasoned physician who is available to you 24/7/365.