I was working in operational management for another company when a good friend who worked for EmCare called to tell me about an opening. He had always been enthusiastic about EmCare, liked his supervisors and felt the company offered potential for professional growth.

After I interviewed, I understood what he meant. I liked the people, the culture and the potential. I was excited when I received the offer.

I began my career in EmCare’s North Division as a Physician Benefit Coordinator. I was encouraged by my supervisors to look for advancement opportunities. The company was certainly growing and as more people came on board I started training new employees. I found that being a team player and a problem solver helped tremendously. I was promoted to a supervisor position and eventually became Benefits Supervisor for both the North and West Divisions.

It’s been a great journey. I’ve grown both personally and professionally and I have seen EmCare become the premier physician services organization in the country. Like my colleagues, I like to feel I had a little bit to do with that and with EmCare’s continued success.

What do I say to new employees?

I tell them to stay at the top of their game, work hard and showcase their talents. At EmCare, there are not only jobs, there are career opportunities.